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Francois Louis Jean Crestey

Francois Louis Jean Crestey

Assistant professor


My research (performed in several european academic labs as well as in pharmaceutical companies) has been devoted within the field of organic and medicinal chemistry with emphasis on:

- methods to develop multi-functionalized indazole libraries; cross-coupling reactions (Heck, Suzuki, Sonogashira, Negishi).

- microwave-assisted protocols; solid-support synthesis; synthesis of peptidomimetics and monosubstituted chiral and highly valuable building blocks using activated aziridines.

- organometallic chemistry, regio- and chemoselective metallation of sensitive heterocycles, i.e. purines, phthalazines, quinazolines.

- total synthesis and semisynthesis of natural products, for example ascididemin and thapsigargin.

- synthesis and evaluation of competitive and selective neuronal nicotinic receptor antagonists (ligand-gated channels) as well as selective voltage-gated sodium channels modulators.   

- design and synthesis of potent and selective inhibitors of CNS enzymes with anti-Alzheimer properties.

In addition, my former position as Research Scientist at Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S allowed me to mainly work on non-peptide related impurities detection and characterization as well as to manage API's manufactures (via CROs and CMOs).

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Current research

*In vivo click chemistry using appropriate substituted tetrazine building blocks
*Radiolabeling (fluorine) and synthesis of precursors as well as reference compounds for hot chemistry

Please follow this link below for more information about the Click-It project:


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