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David E. Gloriam

David E. Gloriam

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Popular Scientific Research Profile (video and article)

I have a special interest in orphan receptors. Already in my PhD, I participated in the identification of 24 novel human GPCRs. Six of these receptors have now been de-orphanized and five constitute drug targets. My group has applied computational methods to determine the putative endogenous agonists for GPR139, first tool compounds for GPR32 and GPR132: and the first selective antagonists for GPRC6A. (Read more)

In 2013, my group took over the stewardship of GPCRdb, which has been a major resource for GPCRs for 20 years with around 1000 users every month. GPCRdb has user-friendly analysis and visualization tools aimed at the whole GPCR community. A number of international collaborators actively contribute to the development through the European COST research network ‘GLISTEN’.  (Read more)

My group combines bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and computational chemistry in computational drug design at GPCRs. We have developed new computational methods for virtual screening, chemogenomics and design of target-directed focused screening libraries. This has led to the identification of novel ligands for the chemokine, glutamate, histamine and serotonin receptors.  (Read more)

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