Pharmacognosy – University of Copenhagen


In vitro pharmacological platform

The platform covers inhibition assays with enzymes related to life-style diseases such as diabetes (α-glucosidase- and aldose reductase inhibition assays), as well as inhibition of necrosis-causing enzymes in snake venom, e.g. proteases, phospholipases, and hyaluronidases. Furthermore, a series of relevant assays related to CNS, including binding to receptors and transporters (GABAA and SERT) as well as inhibition of acetylcholinesterase and MAO enzymes are included. The platform also comprises assays for antimicrobial activity, and anti-oxidant activity.
Several assays are developed for performing hyphenated HPLC-SPE-NMR-MS/high-resolution bioassay experiments.

Evidence-based Herbal Medicine

Scientific evidence for efficacy and safety of herbal medicines is the cornerstone for improved therapy. We investigate herbal remedies for sale in Denmark as well as traditional medicines from different parts of the world.

People and plant medicine

In the PEOPLE AND PLANT MEDICINE programme, target species are screened for pharmacological activities. Promising extracts are subjected to bioassay-guided fractionation and structure elucidation of active compounds.

•    Plants for treatment of snake-bite induced tissue necrosis
•    Medicinal plants of the Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan
•    Psychotropic Plant Project
•    Inhibition and reversal of amyloid fibrils by natural products
•    Forgotten medicinal plants from the former Danish Colonies