Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Through interdisciplinary collaborations, the cluster aims at discovery and optimization of multidrug resistant anticancer and/or antimicrobial lead compounds and validate these by in vitro and in vivo models. Our mission is to:

  • Design peptides and peptidomimetics that targets multidrug-resistant bacterial infections
  • Identify and validate novel anti-cancer compounds and targets
  • Develop and apply cutting-edge technologies for identification of plant and fungal natural products with potential as chemotherapeutic leads

The aim and vision of the Research Cluster can be found here

Cluster leader

Core members 

Henrik Franzyk
Associate professor
Peptide-based Drug Research Group

Fredrik Björkling
Björkling Group

Jan Stenvang
Associate professor
Molecular Disease Biology Group
Kenneth T. Kongstad
Assistant professor
Bioanalytical Chemistry and Metabolomics Group
Osman Mirza
Associate professor
Drug Transporters Group
Paul R. Hansen
Associate professor
Peptide-based Drug Research Group