Clinical Pharmacotherapy

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The more medication, the greater the risk of side effects, drugs interacting, hospitalizations and death. Nevertheless, more than 750,000 Danish citizens are polypharmacy patients - and many of these do not need the medicine they are taking.

Our research focuses on reducing polypharmacy and promoting the appropriate use of medication for the benefit of the individual citizen, the healthcare system and the society. Appropriate use of medication means that you are only treated with the medication you need and - as far as possible - that you are treated with the specific drugs that have the best pharmacological effect, the fewest side effects and the lowest price.

The effort of reducing polypharmacy and promoting the appropriate use of medicines requires a cultural change, which involves many different actors, e.g. patients, physicians, pharmacists, municipalities, health politicians and decision-makers in the Danish health system. Therefore, it requires a strong, joint effort across professional groups - and with the involvement of patients - to combat polypharmacy in the best possible way.








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Dagens Medicin; 8. november 2019 - Udkørende team luger ud i ældres medicin (pdf)


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