Neurotransmission in Cognition, Emotion and Pain

Our mission os to investigate and modulate neurotransmission in cognition, emotion and pain:

  • Identify and explore new putative therapeutic targets involved in NiCEP
  • Identify and develop new assays to explore new targets
  • Identify new chemical entities (NCEs) with therapeutic potential
  • Employ and optimize in vivo models to investigate the therapeutic potential of NCEs


Associated members

Anders S. Kristensen, Associate professor, Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
Kristi Anne Kohlmeier, Associate professor, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Uffe Kristiansen, Associate professor, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Karla Frydenvang, Associate professor, Peptides & Proteins
George Gelelashvili, Professor, Translational Pharmacology
Matthias Herth, Associate professor, Medicinal Chemistry
Postdoc Blanca Aldana / Professor Helle Waagepedersen, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Jette S. Kastrup Jensen, Professor, Protein and Peptides