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Collaborations and funding

The Department has a broad base of national and international collaborators in drug-related research. Collaborations are crucial to the development of new knowledge, not only for the Department but also our external partners.

Projects are underpinned by internal and external grants, typically from national and international funding bodies but also from commercial partners.

To sustain our high level of activity and boost our internationally competitive innovations towards better therapeutics, we welcome new collaborations and opportunities for increased external funding.


The breadth of drug-related disciplines at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology provides a unique vehicle to work closely with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as clinical hospital departments.

We seek to boost the Department’s cross-disciplinary collaborations with research institutions and industry, both nationally and internationally.

Innovation strategies aimed at generating novel therapeutics or diagnostics are integrated into our research projects and have led to several licenses and spin-out activities.


Much of the research at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology is internally financed by the University of Copenhagen. These funds are primarily used towards salaries for permanently employed researchers but also towards PhD stipends for the education of new researchers.

The Department’s ability to secure competitive grants from various Danish and international sources plays another central role in the financing of our research. Grants are obtained from both private and public sources, such as funding bodies, councils and ministries.

The Department is continuously working to improve the opportunities to attract external funding, and hence secure our internationally competitive drug research.