Computational Receptor Biology in the Gloriam Group

We use computational methods to discover functions, structures and ligands of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) - the most abundant mediators of human signalling and therapeutic responses.

The video tells about the group of David Gloriam that designs drugs on computers and work together with chemists and pharmacologists. The research team aims to identify the functions of receptors that are important drug targets.













































































































































































































































































Group leader

Group Leader

David Gloriam

Phone +45 3533 6162

Group members

Name Title Image
Bonnesen, Cecilie Thørring Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Bonnesen, Cecilie Thørring
Daver, Henrik Postdoc Billede af Daver, Henrik
Esguerra Neira, Mauricio Assistant professor Billede af Esguerra Neira, Mauricio
Ghosh, Eshan Postdoc Billede af Ghosh, Eshan
Harpsøe, Kasper Senior advisor Billede af Harpsøe, Kasper
Hauser, Alexander Sebastian Postdoc Billede af Hauser, Alexander Sebastian
Kastrup, Jette Sandholm Jensen Professor Billede af Kastrup, Jette Sandholm Jensen
Kooistra, Albert Jelke Assistant professor Billede af Kooistra, Albert Jelke
Mamyrbekov, Alibek PhD student Billede af Mamyrbekov, Alibek
Mordalski, Stefan Mateusz Postdoc Billede af Mordalski, Stefan Mateusz
Nygaard, Mads Mørup PhD student Billede af Nygaard, Mads Mørup
Pándy-Szekeres, Gáspár Academic employee Billede af Pándy-Szekeres, Gáspár
Simon, Icaro Ariel Industrial PhD Student Billede af Simon, Icaro Ariel
Thorsen, Thor Seneca Assistant professor Billede af Thorsen, Thor Seneca