Natural Products Research Group

The Natural Products Research Group heads Copenhagen Small Molecule NMR Centre – a national leading facility for advanced bioanalytical NMR spectroscopy of small molecules. The Centre is equipped with two 600 MHz instruments with cryo-probes, HPLC-SPE hyphenation and sample robotics, in addition to two 400 MHz instruments. This state-of-the-art analytical platform forms the foundation for our future strategic focus on development and application of NMR-techniques for studying receptor-ligand interactions, pharmacometabolomics, and hyphenated HPLC-SPE-NMR/high-resolution screening technologies. Thus, Investigation of receptor-ligands interactions by NMR is a new prioritized research area aiming at providing structural and dynamic parameters for advancing rational drug design, biopharmaceutical research and chemical biology. Pharmacometabolomics will be used for the non-targeted and data-driven exploration of the composition and biochemical effect of drugs and complex pharmaceutical preparations. Hyphenated HPLC-SPE-NMR/high-resolution screening technologies will be used for i) expeditious discovery of drug leads from natural sources (e.g., marine organisms, medicinal plants, and bioengineered microorganisms), ii) evidence-based herbal medicine, iii) quality control and pharmaceutical analysis, and iv) biomarker identification in biomedical research.