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Positions in GPCR crystallography/cryo-EM, pharmacology and computational drug design  2018.07.08
Three openings in GPCR biased signaling and G protein inhibitor design projects:

Major grant on GPCR biased signalling 2018.03.28

David Gloriam has received DKK 10 million (€ ~1,3 M) Hallas-Møller Ascending Investigator grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation (an ERC Consolidator-like Danish grant) for the project: GPCR Biased Signalling: Illuminating the Pathways to Function and DiseaseThe project aims to find out how just one cell-surface receptor can elicit vastly different biological, therapeutic or adverse effects when activated by natural, medicinal or abused substances. The Gloriam group will develop a new database resource to consolidate this new research field and conduct molecular modelling to select receptor targets and identify molecular mechanisms and substances.

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Cell article: 5-HT2C Receptor Structures Reveal the Structural Basis of GPCR Polypharmacology 2018.02.01

The groups first GPCR structure article, which came out of Louise Nikolajsens 1,5 stay in the Ray Stevens lab, Kasper Harpsøes modelling (shared first author" and mutagenesis in the Anders Jensen lab. Read the article.


Launch of EU Industrial PhD training Network SAFER 2018.02.01
SAFER aims to identify biased agonists at the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor towards safer drugs. Five interdisciplinary PhD students will train jointly at the University of Copenhagen and then move to Enamine or Saromics Biostructures. Web site


Cell article Pharmacogenomics of GPCR drug targets 2017.12.14Pharmacogenomics
Development of a GPCRdb resource for analysis of natural genetic variants in GPCRs. Read the article or research highlight.

GPCRdb update published in Nucleic Acids Research 2017.11.16
The GPCRdb 2018 update adds GPCR structure models and ligands. Read the pdf.GPRdb2018

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery article on trends in GPCR drug discovery 2017.10.27
The authoritative reference for GPCR drugs, target and indications. GPCRs mediate the effect of 34% of drugs and exhibit several trends in clinical trials. Read the article.


Recruiting now for 7 positions at UCPH whereof 4 in the Gloriam group:


Crystal Gryphon LCP Robot set up 2017.07.11

State-of-the-art robot for high-throughput crystallography installed. This will be used by the entire Section for Biostructural Research, including the collaborating labs of Profs. Gajhede and Kastrup, boosting all GPCR crystallography projects.

Crystal Gryphon LCP

Nature article on GPCR - G protein selectivity 2017.05.11

Seminalarticle on selectivity determinants of GPCR-G protein binding. The Gloriam group identified such determinants using a novel comparative sequence-based method, and developed a G protein analysis resource integrated into GPCRdb. Image from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

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Gloriam group joins new network for Structural Biology 2017.03.23

The new cluster, ISBUC (Integrative Structural Biology at the University of Copenhagen), has been established to strengthen the conditions for collaboration and exchange of knowledge, technology and equipment across 16 departments at the university. The cluster model offers a strong infrastructure and a clear point of entry for external collaborators.


Open Access publication video featuring David Gloriam 2017.03

David Gloriam features in a video talking about current trends of Open Access publishing for researchers, universities and for foundations. The video discusses the benefits of increased research visibility, society’s return of investment, but also the challenges associated with the costs of publishing Gold Open Access. 

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PhD Scholarship to Christian Munk (GPCRdb lead dev)  2016.11

Christian Munk received a PhD grant from the Lundbeck Foundation for the project:  GPCR-G protein complex conformations – Structural stabilisation in selective signalling .


Bronze in GPCR crystal refinement competition 2016.11

Louise Nikolajsen got bronze prize (diploma and money) in a GPCR crystal refinement competition at the 4th Annual Shanghai iHuman Forum.

Wikipedia competition 1st prize to Alexander Hauser 2016.09

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) announces competitions to improve the coverage on Wikipedia of any aspect of computational biology. In the last WikiProject competition PhD student Alexander S. Hauser has been awarded 1st and 2nd prize awards with an in-depth update of the molecular docking Wikipedia page as well as Wikidata entry. 

Editorship to David Gloriam 2016.09

David Gloriam was appointed Editorial board member of Scientific Reports.


Publication in Nature Chemical Biology 2016.06

Publication in Nature Chemical Biology reporting the first total synthesis of a natural peptide that is a very important research tool for inhibition of Gq proteins.


Conference awards to two GPCRdb developers 2016.06
Stefan Mordalski and Gáspár Pándy-Szekeres received awards for their oral and poster presentations, respectively, at the 2nd Central European Biomedical Congress, in Krakow, Poland.

Stefan Mordalski and Gáspár Pándy-Szekeres received awards for their oral and poster presentations

New GPCRdb version published 2016.01

The new version of the GPCRdb database is published in Nucleic Acids Research.

Research scholarship to Anders Nielsen 2016.01

Anders Nielsen got a 12-month research scholarship from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences to identify orphan receptor tool compounds.

GPCRdb to develop tool for GPCR construct design 2015.12

The group became a funded member of the GPCR Consortium headed by Ray Stevens, and will develop a GPCR crystallisation construct design tool in GPCRdb.


Grant to annotate GPCR mutations 2015.05

365,000 SEK received from Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare to annotate mutant data for the GPCRdb.


Publication in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2015.01
Publication in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences reviewing the generic residue numbering schemes for each GPCR class and proposing a complementary structure-based scheme and GPCRdb tools to number any receptor sequence or structure.

TiPS Cover Page 2015
Lundbeck Foundation

Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship to David Gloriam 2015.01
David Gloriam received a 10 million DKK Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship for the project "Orphan Receptor Ligands And Signals - Keys to Physiological Functions And Drug Discovery". Read more

Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship to David Gloriam 2014.12

David Gloriam received a 1.5 million EUR ERC Starting Grant for the project "DE-ORPHAN - Determination of Orphan Receptor Physiological Agonists and sigNals".  Read more


First prize for GPCR structure model 2014.08
1st and 3rd places in the GPCR  Dock competition for structure modeling of the serotonin 5-HT1B receptor and receptor-ligand complex, respectively. GPCR Dock is a highly competitive competition and involved 44 international groups, including leading GPCR modelers and software developers.

GPCR Dock 2013 5HT1B

6-month PhD internship to Stefan Mordalski 2014.06

Stefan Mordalski, PhD student at the Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences received a scholarship 6-month internship in the Gloriam group. The project will develop new tools for GPCRdb."


PhD sholarhip to Mohamed Shehata 2014.03
Mohamed A. Shehata received a PhD scholarship from the  Faculty of Health and Medical Science for a project entitled "Discovery of Orphan Receptor Inhibitors -Keys to Novel Physiological Functions and Therapies".


GPCRdb tools published in Nucleic Acids Research 2014.01

Publication of our updated release of GPCRDB in Nucleic Acids Research. This has added  user-friendly analysis and visualization tools aimed at the whole GPCR community.


Research scholarship to Mohamed Shehata 2013.12
Mohamed A. Shehata received a student scholarship from the Drug Research Academy, School of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The project is entitled "Identifying Orphan Receptor Ligands: -Keys to New Physiological Functions".


Project grant to David Gloriam 2013.06
David Gloriam received a 2 million DKK grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research  for the project "Discovery of Orphan and Chemokine Receptor Ligands -Keys to Novel Physiological Functions and Therapies ". The 2-year grant will cover a postdoc and two scholarships.


Poster prize to Kimberley F. and Thomas L. 2013.05
Kimberley Fidom and Thomas Lehto won the prize for best poster at the 2nd Danish Protein Molecular Modellers Meeting. The title of the poster was " A New Fragment-Based Pharmacophore Methodand the Application in Virtual Screening". 

Selected for MSc project competition 2012.11
Rasmus Leth presented his MSc project in the PHARMA student award contest.

Grant for focused compounds libraries 2012.01

200.000 DKK  received from the Lead Discovery initiative at the Department of Molecular Drug Research to purchase privileged structure-based libraries for GPCR deorphanization and lead discovery projects.

Publication in Chemistry & Biology 2011.11
Publication of the first inter-GPCR family ligand inference in Chemistry & Biology (a Cell Press journal). The proof-of-concept for in silico drug design approaches applying class A data for a class C target is significant because the former accounts for all current crystal structures and the vast majority of ligands.
Grant for focused compound libraries 2011.09
200,000 SEK received from Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare to purchase a library of privileged structures for the project entitled "Chemogenomic identification of pharmacological tool compounds for orphan receptors".
Guest Editorship of special issue of Curr Top Med Chem 2011.04
David Gloriam edited a Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry  special issue: Methods for the successful application of chemogenomics to GPCR drug design.

Grant for focused compound libraries 2011.03

300,000 DKK received from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for a project entitled "Chemogenomic Identification Of Pharmacological Tool Compounds for Orphan Receptors".

Two postdoc grants to David Gloriam 2010.12
Approximately 1.2 million DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation and 1 million DKK from the Lundbeck Foundation received for a project entitled "Chemogenomic identification of pharmacological tool compounds for orphan receptors".
PhD scholarship for GPR139 characterisation 2010.09
Grant of 1.5 million DKK received together with Hans Bräuner-Osborne from the Lundbeck Foundation to hire a PhD student for a project entitled "Elucidation of the physiological ligand and function of GPR139 - a G protein-coupled receptor linked to neurological disease".

Postdoc grant to David Gloriam 2008.06

Alfred Benzon Investigator Fellowship received for the project entitled "Identification and elucidation of mechanism-of-action of allosteric ligands for the ß2-adrenergic receptor".