Experimental Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen

Student projects in Experimental Pharmacology

Examples of research topics and techniques:

  • Culturing of recombinant and native mammalian cell lines
  • 96- and 384-well cell based assays using fluorescence based readouts
  • Molecular biology, biochemistry and immunohistochemistry techniques
  • In vitro electrophysiological studies
  • Neuropharmacology, including in vitro studies of neurons and glial cells
  • In vivo imaging techniques
  • In vivo models of human diseases: pain, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, depression
  • Various techniques for measuring physiological and cellular parameters

Current Master projects:

General contacts:

Molecular Pharmacology:

Areas of expertise:

Hans Bräuner-Osborne


molecular pharmacology, ligand-receptor interactions, pharmacological assays, G protein-coupled receptors, receptor signaling

Anders A. Jensen

Associate Professor

Anders A. Jensen

brain disorders, central nervous system, molecular pharmacology, neurotransmitters

Petrine Wellendorph

Associate Professor

Petrine Wellendorph central nervous system, neurotransmission, molecular pharmacology, receptor signaling

Translational Neuropharmacology:

Jesper T.

Associate Professor

Jesper Andreasen drug discovery, in vivo neuropharmacology, neuropsychiatric disorders, rodent behavioural assays/models


Associate Professor

Anne-Marie Heegaard in vivo optical imaging, bone pain, bone diseases, cancer pain, pain research,
vitamin D