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Student projects in Pharmacotherapy

Examples of research topics and techniques:

  • Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Medicines use, safety and effectiveness in big health care data (national registers)
  • Pharmacometrics: population PK-PD modelling
  • Patientsikkerhed, kommunikation og præparatskift
  • Udskrivelsessamtaler fra akutten
  • Lægers anvendelse af psykiatri farmaceut ydelserne
  • Evaluering ad farmaceutisk medicingennemgang fra patienternes perspektiv
  • Afdelingsspecifik klinisk farmaci
  • Research platform of drug sensitive and drug resistant cell lines, which is used to investigate molecular mechanisms of resistance, putative biomarkers and testing of novel anti-cancer drugs.

Current Master projects:

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Areas of expertise:

Trine M. Lund

Associate Professor

Trine M. Lund Pharmacometrics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, modelling and simulation of preclinical and clinical studies
Morten Andersen 
Pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, big heath care data, adverse drug reactions, cohort and case-control studies, statistical programming
Miriam Kolko
Associate Professor

In vitro studies, glaucoma, blinding inner retinal conditions, translational studies, Clinical and epidemiological studies, metabolic studies, viability assays, molecular and expressional studies

Jan Stenvang

Associate Professor

Translational cancer research, drug resistant cell lines, cancer biomarkers, small-scale clinical phase II trials

Charlotte Treldal
Research assistant

Patientsikkerhed, kommunikation og præparatskift, evaluering af farmaceutisk medicingennemgang, afdelingsspecifik klinisk farmaci