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Aakjær, MiaPhD student +45 353-32834E-mail
Abdul Khalek, FatimaMaster thesis student +45 53 35 48 00
Adamsen, Uraiwan NgamrabiabLaboratory technician +45 353-36685E-mail
Aduri, Nanda GowthamPostdoc +45 353-31366E-mail
Al-Badran, Zahra Akil MeftenMaster thesis student  
Al-Mousawi, Murtadha Faris AbbasLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Aldana Garcia, Blanca IrenePostdoc +45 31 54 18 04E-mail
Alexopoulou, FloraMaster thesis student  
Alexopoulou, FloraLaboratory assistant  
Ali, RajanMaster thesis student  
Alves Fernandes, Eduardo FelipePostdoc +45 81 35 17 31E-mail
Anam, SyarifulPhD student +45 353-25383E-mail
Andersen, Alexander MallingMaster thesis student  
Andersen, Ida VangMaster thesis student  
Andersen, Jens VeldePhD student +45 353-34853E-mail
Andersen, Maria BremholmMaster thesis student  
Andersen, MortenProfessor +45 353-33506E-mail
Andersen, Rokhsana Jaleshgar 
Andersson, ÅsaGuest researcher +45 353-36384E-mail
Andreasen T., JesperAssociate professor +45 353-36307E-mail
Anselmo, Tobias RomuloMaster thesis student  
Arsova, AngelaPhD fellow +45 353-34481E-mail
Asmussen, Sofie EgMaster thesis student  
Atxabal Arrasate, Unai  
Atxabal Arrasate, UnaiMaster thesis student  
Bach, AndersAssociate professor +45 353-36242E-mail
Bahlke, Oskar ØrtsMaster thesis student  
Baig, AminaMaster thesis student  
Bak, Lasse KristofferAssociate professor +45 353-36304E-mail
Balk-Møller, Carl AugustMaster thesis student  
Bang, Amalie NordborgStudent assistant  E-mail
Bang-Andersen, BennyAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Bartels, Annette SnejbjergBioanalyst +45 353-33171E-mail
Bartling, Christian Reinhard OttoPostdoc +45 353-34234E-mail
Barzaghi, GuidoAcademic employee  
Bashiri Ehsani, NegarTeacher's assistant  
Battisti, Umberto MariaAssistant professor  E-mail
Bay, YasminMaster thesis student  
Bech, Jacob MathiasPhD  E-mail
Begtrup, MikaelProfessor emeritus  E-mail
Bendtsen, Kirstine LouisePhD fellow +45 20 89 25 86E-mail
Bergstedt, Nicole TranService staff, hourly paid +45 353-33595E-mail
Bibbe, JanneGuest researcher  
Bielickaite, SaruneMaster thesis student  
Bjerrum, Ole JannikProfessor emeritus +45 353-36320E-mail
Björkling, FredrikProfessor +45 353-36231E-mail
Boesgaard, Michael WorchPhD student +45 353-33273E-mail
Bolding, Julie EilskovPhD  E-mail
Bonde, Mads TvillinggaardAffiliate associate professor +45 31 52 40 10E-mail
Bonnesen, Cecilie ThørringEnrolled PhD Student +45 30 11 32 21E-mail
Bowen, Sean Michael  
Bowen, Sean MichaelAcademic staff  E-mail
Bratteby, Klas ErikPhD student +45 353-36125E-mail
Braun, NinaPhD student  E-mail
Bredahl, Emilie KoldMaster thesis student  
Bredahl, Emilie KoldStudent  
Brigsted, Jonas SterupBachelor student  
Brito dos Santos, AltairPhD student +45 52 17 91 45E-mail
Brix, DorteLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36490E-mail
Brock, ChristinaAffiliate associate professor  E-mail
Broe Larsen, Cecilie SolVisitor  E-mail
Brorsen, Lauritz FalkowAttendant  
Bräuner-Osborne, HansProfessor +45 353-34469E-mail
Brünner, NilsProfessor emeritus +45 353-33130E-mail
Bucciarelli, SaskiaPostdoc +45 53 83 10 87E-mail
Buchleithner, StineMaster thesis student  
Bulancea, CristinaLaboratory intern  E-mail
Bunch, LennartAssociate professor +45 353-36244E-mail
Buur, Jette BybergSenior adviser +45 353-36010E-mail
Bæk, MichaelPhD student +45 353-28047E-mail
Caballero Puntiverio, MaitanePhD student  E-mail
Caldara, MathildeTeam manager +45 353-36423E-mail
Callréus, TorbjörnVisiting Researcher  E-mail
Carlsen, Emma Louise MalchauAssistant lecturer  
Chen, LongMaster thesis student  
Cholak, ErsoyPhD fellow +45 26 46 86 72E-mail
Christensen, Ida LønsmannMaster thesis student  
Christensen, Lauge BønnerupPrecision mechanic +45 353-26523E-mail
Christensen, Nikolaj RiisPhD student +45 353-33485E-mail
Christensen, Sofie KjellerupPhD fellow +45 353-32650E-mail
Christensen, Sophie Marie SkovMaster thesis student  
Christensen, Søren BrøggerProfessor emeritus +45 353-36253E-mail
Christiansen, Ann-Kathrin LindahlPhD student +45 22 31 31 82E-mail
Christrup, Lona LouringProfessor emeritus +45 353-36347E-mail
Chua, Han ChowPostdoc +45 353-34126E-mail
Clausen, Rasmus PrætoriusAssociate professor +45 353-36566E-mail
Clementson, Carl Martin SebastianEnrolled PhD Student  
Clemmensen, Louise StrandbergSenior adviser +45 353-20023E-mail
Colding, Janne MøgelhøjLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36548E-mail
Conforti, IreneResearch assistant  
d'Andrea, LauraEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
da Silva, Janet Nagayi NandawulaLaboratory technician  E-mail
da Silva, Janet Nagayi NandawulaLaboratory technician +45 353-37642E-mail
Dalgaard, Line MarieMedical student  E-mail
Dall, Camilla SkånstrømLaboratory technician +45 353-36254E-mail
Dampe, Erik BjørnMaster thesis student  
Dang, Thanh QuyPhD fellow  
Daver, HenrikPostdoc  E-mail
Davies, Alexander DavidMaster thesis student +45 22 63 05 02E-mail
Dawwas, MohamadMaster thesis student  
de Jong, HeleenMaster thesis student +31615901680E-mail
de Vries, IdaMaster thesis student  E-mail
Dell'albani, AriannaErasmus master student  
Deng, YufangResearch assistant  E-mail
Deng, YufangEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Diaz del Castillo, MartaResearch assistant +45 353-36798E-mail
Dinh, Nhung ThiMaster thesis student  
Djahandideh, HamzaAttendant +45 24 46 64 45E-mail
Do, LisaMaster thesis student  
Do Carmo Ferreira, David JorgeMaster thesis student  
Dohn, Sussi RosenørnLaboratory technician +45 353-32460E-mail
Donbosco, Stephanie ElinaMaster thesis student  
Doroudian, YasamanEnrolled PhD Student +45 52 78 68 64E-mail
Dorvil, Linda GrønborgAssistant professor +45 353-32824E-mail
Edvinsson, Jacob Carl AlexanderPhD fellow +45 353-32588E-mail
Egholm, Anne Mette HelmichMaster thesis student  
El Fakiri Benamar, MohamedBachelor student  
Elbæk, Kirstine Juul  E-mail
Eliasen, Jannik NicklasMaster thesis student  
Embaby, AhmedPostdoc +45 353-32873E-mail
Endsleff, LotteClerical officer +45 353-25366E-mail
Eriksen, Anette LundskovSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36245E-mail
Ermolovich, IuriyPostdoc +45 353-31809E-mail
Essig, Dominik Johann +45 353-33730E-mail
Ethelberg-Findsen, JeppeService assistant  E-mail
Faber, Georg FrederikStudent  E-mail
Falck, HanneDepartment administrator +45 353-36165E-mail
Falk-Petersen, Christina BirkedahlPhD fellow +45 353-34772E-mail
Fang, JamieMaster thesis student +45 20 64 00 26E-mail
Franzyk, HenrikAssociate professor +45 353-36255E-mail
Fratta, SimoneResearch assistant +45 353-32334E-mail
Frederiksen, Natascha CamillaClerical officer +45 353-31340E-mail
Frederiksen, NickiPhD fellow +45 353-34249E-mail
Fruto Hansen, SilviaVisiting student  
Frydenvang, Karla AndreaAssociate professor +45 353-36207E-mail
Frølund, BenteAssociate professor +45 353-36495E-mail
Frølund, BenteProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-36495E-mail
Gajhede, MichaelProfessor +45 353-36407E-mail
Galleano, IacopoResearch assistant +45 26 11 57 70E-mail
Galleano, IacopoResearch assistant +45 26 11 57 70E-mail
Galvagnion, CélineAssociate professor  E-mail
García Vázquez, RocíoPhD fellow +45 353-20437E-mail
Gardizi, SaharMaster thesis student  
Gasparri, FedericaResearch assistant  E-mail
Gauger, Stine JuulScholarship student  
Gauguin, BenteAttendant  E-mail
Gegelashvili, GeorgeProfessor +45 353-36132E-mail
Gentry, Patrick RyanPostdoc +45 353-32119E-mail
Gharabli, HaniMaster thesis student  E-mail
Giannopoulos, NikolaosMaster thesis student  
Gless, Bengt HerbertPhD student +45 52 69 26 37E-mail
Gloriam, David E.Professor +45 353-36162E-mail
Golin, SimonGuest lecturer  
Gonzalez Chichon, DorletaMaster thesis student  
Gossland, Steven DerekMaster thesis student  
Gren, Susanne StabelAssistant lecturer  
Griem-Krey, NaneResearch assistant +45 353-26788E-mail
Griem-Krey, NanePhD fellow +45 353-26788E-mail
Grunnet, MortenAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Hagi, HassanService staff, hourly paid  E-mail
Halberg, Christel AmmitzböllLaboratory technician +45 353-30617E-mail
Hamerlík, PetraAssociate professor +45 35 25 74 05E-mail
Hansen, Anna MetteAcademic employee +45 353-32412E-mail
Hansen, Anna MettePostdoc +45 353-32412E-mail
Hansen, Christina RåePhD Fellow, guest  
Hansen, EmilieMaster thesis student  
Hansen, Harald S.Professor +45 353-36332E-mail
Hansen, Kathrine VoigtMaster thesis student  
Hansen, Lasse HørupLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Hansen, Paul RobertAssociate professor +45 353-36625E-mail
Hansen, Rie BagerAssistant professor +45 353-32139E-mail
Hansen, Simone PrichardtMaster thesis student  
Harpsøe, Kasper SkytteAcademic staff +45 353-20882E-mail
Hasanpour Asheghabadi, ZahraVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Hauser, Alexander SebastianPostdoc  E-mail
Hede, NikolajBachelor student  
Heegaard, Anne-MarieAssociate professor +45 353-36322E-mail
Henninger, Rasmus HansenMaster thesis student  
Herranz-Trillo, FatimaPostdoc  E-mail
Herth, Matthias ManfredAssociate professor +45 353-36624E-mail
Heusser, Stephanie AndreaPostdoc  E-mail
Hosseynimoghadam, MahdiehalsadatPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Houlind, Morten BaltzerPhD student  E-mail
Hvass, Christian KlindtMaster thesis student  
Hvidberg, BenedicteMaster thesis student  
Ieremias, LoukasPhD fellow +45 353-25249E-mail
Iglesias Gato, DiegoAssistant professor +45 353-30640E-mail
Iskov, Kirsten BraadLaboratory technician +45 51 33 12 49E-mail
Jacobsen, StigLaboratory technician  E-mail
Jakobsen, EmilPhD student +45 353-31229E-mail
Jakobsen, Ulla KløveAdministrative coordinator +45 353-34212E-mail
Jensen, Anders A.Associate professor +45 23 96 24 34E-mail
Jensen, Cecilie Dal  
Jensen, Dorte SkyttProject coordinator +45 353-36277E-mail
Jensen, Frank StauPrecision mechanic +45 50 45 24 57E-mail
Jensen, Henning BangFinancial coordinator +45 353-31319E-mail
Jensen, ImanAcademic employee +45 353-34211E-mail
Jensen, Nicoline NinnMaster thesis student  
Jeppesen, Jakob BjerregaardMaster thesis student  
Johansen, Jørgen StageWorking environment consultant  E-mail
Johansen, Thea ListResearch assistant  
Johansen, Tommy NørskovAssociate professor, head of studies +45 353-36412E-mail
Juul Sørensen, Anne SophieMaster thesis student +45 21 63 89 88
Jørgensen, Christinna VangsgaardPostdoc +45 353-34538E-mail
Jørgensen, Flemming SteenProfessor +45 353-36378E-mail
Jørgensen, Marianne WieslanderAdministrator +45 353-36449E-mail
Jørgensen, Mie JedigService staff, hourly paid  E-mail
Kallunki, Tuula AnneliAssociate professor +45 35 25 77 46E-mail
Kandemir, Jiyan Niclas MandrupMaster thesis student  
Kanneworff, Ida BuurMaster thesis student  
Karer, Nichlas Mathias WelcherMaster thesis student  
Karyniotakis, KonstantinosMaster thesis student +45 50 64 35 61
Kaspersen, Mads HolmgaardPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Kastrup, Jette Sandholm JensenProfessor +45 353-36486E-mail
Khoo, KeithPostdoc  E-mail
Kjærsgård-Jensen, Maria ElisabethStudent assistant +45 353-25311E-mail
Kjærulff, LouiseAcademic staff, FU +45 353-26544E-mail
Klem, Louise BomholtPhD Fellow +45 353-31727E-mail
Klint, KarstenWorkshop manager, precision mechanic +45 287-56227E-mail
Knezevic, AleksandraMaster thesis student  
Kohlmeier, Kristi AnneAssociate professor  E-mail
Kolko, MiriamProfessor with special responsibilities +45 29 80 76 67E-mail
Kongstad, Kenneth ThermannAssistant professor, tenure track +45 353-36411E-mail
Kooistra, Albert JelkeAssistant professor +45 353-28305E-mail
Kornum, Birgitte RahbekGuest researcher  
Kossmann, ChristinPhD fellow  E-mail
Kotesova, SimonaMaster thesis student +45 353-31749E-mail
Kougioumtzoglou, GeorgiosMaster thesis student  
Koutsari, Alexandra VasileiaMaster thesis student  
Kristensen, Anders SkovAssociate professor +45 353-36505E-mail
Kristensen, Jesper LanggaardProfessor with special responsibilities t
Kristensen, Jesper LanggaardProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-36487E-mail
Kristensen, Lise BaadsgaardProfessional coordinator +45 353-36647E-mail
Kristiansen, Mai SegatoFinance coordinator +45 353-26768E-mail
Kristiansen, UffeAssociate professor +45 353-36381E-mail
Krogsgaard-Larsen, PovlProfessor emeritus +45 353-36247E-mail
Krydsfeldt, Katrine JuhlSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36692E-mail
Kuhre, Rasmus AnkerBachelor student  
Langbøl, Mia AggergaardPhD Fellow +45 353-25865E-mail
Langkilde, Annette EvaAssociate professor +45 353-36202E-mail
Larsen, Anne Sofie GryScholarship student  
Larsen, FrankGuest lecturer +45 30 83 30 22E-mail
Larsen, Helena SkourupAnimal keeper +45 353-33343E-mail
Larsen, RitaDepartment Secretary +45 353-36632E-mail
Laulumaa, Saara KaisaPostdoc +45 353-33787E-mail
Leguizamon, Cesar Ramon RomeroEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Li, TuoResearch assistant +45 353-31123E-mail
Liang, ChaoPhD student  E-mail
Liang, DavidAcademic employee  
Lie, Maria Elena KliboPostdoc +45 353-34092E-mail
Lilhammer, LoneDepartment secretary +45 353-36329E-mail
Lilja-Fischer, Helle KinggaardLaboratory technician  E-mail
Lindgreen, TinaDepartment Secretary +45 353-36291E-mail
Lindholm, Angelica ØrregaardMaster thesis student  
Lindholm, Sandy Ebba HallengreenTeacher's assistant +45 353-33031E-mail
Lindholm, Sandy Ebba HallengreenService staff, hourly paid +45 353-33031E-mail
Liu, HuizhenAcademic technician +45 353-36252E-mail
Liu, NaEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Lohse, BrianAssociate professor +45 353-36658E-mail
Lone, Abdullah Ben NaimPhD fellow, external  
Lopes van den Broek, Sara IrenePhD Fellow  E-mail
Luchini, MartinaErasmus master student  
Lund, Trine MeldgaardAssociate professor +45 353-36340E-mail
Lund, Xamuel LoftMaster thesis student  
Lyauk, Yassine KamalEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Løwe, Sofie AndreaAnimal caretaker +45 353-37342E-mail
Ma, SanaPhD fellow +45 353-31184E-mail
Maalin, Hussein AliAttendant +45 51 70 00 56E-mail
Madjroh, NawidPhD fellow +45 353-25372E-mail
Madsen, Andreas StahlLaboratory manager +45 353-34764E-mail
Madsen, Maria VistrupPhD fellow +45 60 24 13 90E-mail
Madsen, UlfHead of school +45 353-36243E-mail
Madsen, Vibe Maria EngbirkMaster thesis student  
Malayeri, Nick-RooMaster thesis student  
Malik, Abd.PhD student +45 52 74 56 60E-mail
Mamyrbekov, AlibekPhD Fellow +45 353-28025E-mail
Markussen, Kia HjulmandMaster thesis student  
Marseglia, GiuseppePhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Martinsen, Jacob HertzAcademic staff, FU  E-mail
Masternak, Magdalena KarolinaMaster thesis student  
Mathiesen, Jesper M.Associate professor +45 353-34244E-mail
McNair, Laura FrendrupPostdoc +45 353-26132E-mail
Mejlhart, Maria RigetLaboratory technician +45 353-36822E-mail
Mellou, EleniMaster thesis student  
Mertz, ChristofferResearch assistant  
Mikkelsen, Heidi ThousgaardAnimal keeper +45 30 50 78 19E-mail
Miro, Nathalie KristineMaster thesis student  
Mirza, Osman AsgharAssociate professor +45 353-36175E-mail
Moestrup, Amalie Sofie KirkegaardMaster thesis student  
Moghadam, Milad RouhiVisiting Postdoc  
Mordalski, Stefan MateuszPostdoc +45 353-26217E-mail
Moreira, JoséProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-33116E-mail
Moreira, JoséProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-33116E-mail
Moreno Moreno, OscarMaster thesis student  
Moreno Yruela, CarlosPhD student  E-mail
Mortensen, Tina ElttörService staff member +45 93 56 55 45E-mail
Mos, IrisPhD student  E-mail
Mouhammad, Zaynab AhmadMaster thesis student  
Mourched, Anna-Sophie MunkTrainee  
Muala, TemamMaster thesis student  
Mudaliar, ChiragMaster thesis student  
Munk, ChristianPhD fellow +45 61 30 27 10E-mail
Munro, Lachlan JakePhD fellow  E-mail
Märcher-Rørsted, EmilResearch assistant  E-mail
Møller, Thor ChristianAssistant professor +45 353-36028E-mail
Møllerud, StinePostdoc +45 353-31396E-mail
Müllertz, Olivia Amanda OestTeacher's assistant  
Müllertz, Olivia Amanda OestScholarship student  
Nagstrup, Anne HedengranEnrolled PhD student  E-mail
Narayanan, DilipPostdoc +45 353-30514E-mail
Ng, Clarissa Ka LaiPostdoc +45 353-28394E-mail
Nielsen, Alexander LundPhD fellow +45 51 88 19 91
Nielsen, Alexander LundPhD fellow +45 51 88 19 91E-mail
Nielsen, BirgitteProfessional coordinator +45 353-36116E-mail
Nielsen, Heidi MarieSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36333E-mail
Nielsen, JohnProfessor +45 353-36706E-mail
Nielsen, Kasper Jonprecicion mechanic apprentice +45 60 94 20 37E-mail
Nielsen, LykkeMaster thesis student  
Nielsen, Mikael Lyngeprecicion mechanic apprentice +45 353-26522E-mail
Nielsen, Sara KrarupScholarship student  
Nielsen, Signe LykkeBioanalyst +45 353-31037E-mail
Nielsen, Signe LykkeBioanalyst +45 353-31037E-mail
Nikolajsen, Louise FletcherPostdoc +45 353-30363E-mail
Nilsson, Ida AstridStudent +45 353-25246E-mail
Nissen, PoulAffiliate Professor +45 87 15 55 08E-mail
Nocon-Kahlke, NikolajMaster thesis student  
Norman, Kai TsuchiyaMaster thesis student  
Nygaard, Mads MørupPhD student +45 353-33049E-mail
Nygaard, Mads MørupPhD student +45 353-33049E-mail
Nøhr-Nielsen, AsbjørnPhD fellow +45 353-32819E-mail
Odland, Anna UlsteinPhD +45 353-33688E-mail
Olander, Emma RiePhD student +45 353-34155E-mail
Olesen, Anne EstrupAffiliate associate professor  E-mail
Olsen, Christian AdamProfessor  E-mail
Olsen, Natascha SynnøveAnimal keeper +45 353-24065E-mail
Padmanathan, VithushanMaster thesis student  
Padrah, Shahrokh KhazraieLaboratory Technician +45 353-36556E-mail
Pallesen, Jakob StaunResearch assistant +45 353-34172E-mail
Pallesen, Jakob StaunResearch assistant +45 353-34172E-mail
Pan, YuVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Papangelis, NassosPhD fellow +45 50 65 21 83E-mail
Papathanasiou, TheodorosIndustrial PhD  E-mail
Parka, AleksandraMaster thesis student  
Pedersen, Daniel SejerVisiting associate professor +45 353-36257E-mail
Pedersen, Elisabeth HoltMaster thesis student  
Pedersen, Eva-Marie Lucin Mokdasi ALaboratory technician  E-mail
Pedersen, Hans AlbertPostdoc +45 353-35050E-mail
Pedersen, Line BrogaardPhD Fellow +45 353-33918E-mail
Pedersen, Louise IrlundAnimal keeper +45 353-26638E-mail
Pedersen, Mahdieh DaginaMaster thesis student  
Pedersen, Miriam GrønlundAssistant professor +45 353-31296E-mail
Pedersen, Thomas SkamrisPostdoc +45 353-31308E-mail
Perez Almeria, Claudia VictoriaMaster thesis student  
Petersen, Ida NymannGuest researcher  E-mail
Petersen, Jonas OdgaardEnrolled PhD Student +45 353-28066E-mail
Petersen, Louise PiilgaardAcademic assistant  E-mail
Petersen, Malene JohannePhD fellow +45 353-30251E-mail
Petersen, Sylvester Erik GravesenMaster thesis student  
Peterson, Heidi Maria HasagerLaboratory technician +45 353-36127E-mail
Philip, SebastianBachelor student  
Pickering, Darryl SAssociate professor +45 353-34342E-mail
Pless, StephanAssociate professor +45 23 64 90 66E-mail
Pokhrel, RinaResearch assistant +45 353-20710E-mail
Poulie, Christian Bernard MatthijsPostdoc  E-mail
Poulsen, DuritaSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36434E-mail
Poulsen, Mette HomannPostdoc  E-mail
Pándy-Szekeres, GáspárAcademic employee  E-mail
Pándy-Szekeres, GáspárAcademic employee  E-mail
Qiu, HanyueVisiting Postdoc +45 71 37 60 52E-mail
Rafiq, MariaPhD student +45 71 69 14 81E-mail
Rahbek, JosefineLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Rajabi, NimaPostdoc +45 353-26496E-mail
Ramon Santonja, AdrianMaster thesis student  
Ramos, João Carlos MorenoEnrolled PhD Student  
Rashid, JasminaMaster thesis student  
Rasmussen, Lise PilgaardPhD +45 353-26446E-mail
Ring-Larsen, HelmerPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Rizae, NooriaStudent assistant +45 353-26420E-mail
Roatsch, MartinVisiting Postdoc +45 93 20 00 95E-mail
Rodriguez Balboa, Javier +45 353-31784E-mail
Rosenbaum, Mette IshøyAssistant professor +45 353-28339E-mail
Royssen, Johanne SchlieperScholarship student  
Ruste, BirgitteCommunications coordinator +45 353-36511E-mail
Rømsing, JanneAssociate professor, research and development +45 21 30 95 26E-mail
Saba, KiranPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Salcedo Barron, Claudia AngelicaPhD fellow, external  E-mail
Sandahl, RuneMaster thesis student  
Sangild, MaleneBachelor student  
Saruhanian, SarkisScholarship student  
Schou, StineMaster thesis student  
Schousboe, ArneProfessor +45 353-36330E-mail
Schousboe, ArneProfessor  
Schrøder, Allan MikaelAssistant lecturer  
Sedighi, KhwajanezrabodinMaster thesis student  
Sembach, Louise SidseLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Sereikaité, VitaPhD student +45 353-37494E-mail
Sessa, MaurizioPostdoc +45 353-37831E-mail
Shabir, AnmoolMaster thesis student  
Shaikh, Ashif YasinPostdoc +45 71 83 48 08E-mail
Shalgunov, VladimirPostdoc +45 353-35264E-mail
Shalgunov, VladimirPostdoc +45 353-35264E-mail
Sharon, ReehaPhD fellow +45 353-21175E-mail
Sheikh, Zeshan PervezPhD fellow +45 353-34740E-mail
Sheykhzade, MajidAssociate professor +45 353-36546E-mail
Simon, Icaro ArielIndustrial PhD +45 353-20544E-mail
Simonsen, BirgitteSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36148E-mail
Skaanning, Line KochPhD fellow +45 353-36326E-mail
Soelberg, JensSenior curator +45 353-36617E-mail
Solbak, Sara Marie ØiePostdoc +45 353-33559E-mail
Soud, KatiaMaster thesis student  
Staudt, MarkusResearch assistant  E-mail
Steen, Elsa Johanna LouisePostdoc +45 353-30739E-mail
Steensberg, Alvilda ThougaardMaster thesis student  
Steffansen, BenteAssistant lecturer  
Steffensen, Ida LouiseAssistant lecturer  E-mail
Stenvang, JanAssociate professor +45 353-33753E-mail
Straadt, Ida Krestine  E-mail
Stroe, RaimondPhD  E-mail
Strynbo, MarianneAssistant +45 24 46 67 02E-mail
Strømgaard, KristianProfessor +45 353-36114E-mail
Stærk, DanProfessor +45 353-36177E-mail
Sverrisdóttir, EvaAssistant professor +45 353-36422E-mail
Svobodova, LucieMaster thesis student  
Sørensen, Frederik Nørby FriisStudent +45 353-36525E-mail
Sørensen, Palle KjærLaboratory technician +45 353-36642E-mail
Tampio L 'Estrade, ElinaPhD student  E-mail
Tampio L 'Estrade, ElinaResearch assistant  E-mail
Taul Brændstrup, CharlotteLaboratory technician +45 51 33 13 22E-mail
Thastrup, OleProfessor emeritus +45 353-36500E-mail
Thi, PatrickStudent  
Thiesen, LouisePostdoc +45 353-33272E-mail
Thim, Per Odin ThiimEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Thirstrup, SteffenAffiliate Professor +45 53 77 53 45E-mail
Thorsen, Thor SenecaAssistant professor +45 353-32153E-mail
Thota, NiranjanPostdoc +45 353-35334E-mail
Thygesen, Didde Mia KaalbyMaster thesis student  
Tian, YongsongResearch assistant +45 353-35414E-mail
Tian, YongsongResearch assistant +45 353-35414E-mail
Tofte-Hansen, Malte UlrikkaholmMaster thesis student  
Tomsen, Dorthe VilstrupPart-time lecturer  
Topaktas, Asli BaharMaster thesis student  
Tran, Kim TaiMaster thesis student  
Treldal, CharlotteAssistant professor +45 353-34076E-mail
Troelsen, Kathrin Sten  
Troelsen, Kathrin StenPhD student +45 353-35077E-mail
Ulven, Elisabeth RexenAssistant professor +45 353-36009E-mail
Ulven, TrondProfessor +45 353-36045E-mail
van Gijzel, LiekeMaster thesis student  
van Hout, MarloesPhD student +45 353-31388E-mail
Vana, VasilikiResearch assistant  E-mail
Vedel, LinePostdoc  E-mail
Vestergaard, BenteProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-36403E-mail
Vestergaard, BenteAssociate professor +45 353-36403E-mail
Vid Reidlid, RandiMaster thesis student  
Vohra, RupaliGuest researcher , PhD  E-mail
Von, Moo EePostdoc  E-mail
Vrsanova, Adela-EugenieMaster thesis student  
Waagepetersen, Helle S.Head of Department +45 23 81 16 64E-mail
Waagepetersen, Helle S.Professor +45 23 81 16 64E-mail
Wang, PengfeiGuest researcher  E-mail
Wellendorph, PetrineAssociate professor +45 353-36397E-mail
Wellhöfer, IsabellePhD student +45 353-33710E-mail
Wellhöfer, Isabelle  
Wester, AnitaPostdoc +45 353-37206E-mail
Westi, Emil WintherMaster thesis student  
Whitfield, Molly LidyaMaster thesis student  
Wilhelmsen, Kristine SlothBachelor student  
Wolner, Sofia HjorthLaboratory assistant  
Woofenden, Thomas WilliamMaster thesis student  
Wu, ChaoVisiting student  E-mail
Wæver, Louise LykkeMaster thesis student  
Xu, Yue  E-mail
Zang, JiePhD student  E-mail
Zhao, FabaoEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Zhao, YongResearch assistant +45 353-34645E-mail
Zhu, ShujiePhD fellow (affiliate) +45 52 52 11 32E-mail
Ziari, Edmond AidinMaster thesis student  
Çetin, AdnanGuest researcher  E-mail
Önder, ArifeLaboratory technician +45 353-36518E-mail
Özcelik, DennisAssistant professor  E-mail
Ørnberg, JakobGuest researcher