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Jette Sandholm Jensen Kastrup


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Publications 1988-2013 by Jette Sandholm Kastrup

Peer-reviewed: 93

    1990-1994: 4
    1995-1999: 12
    2000-2004: 17
    2005-2009: 37
    2010-May 2013: 23

Books (editor, chapters): 7
Patents: 2
Other publications: 28
PhD thesis: 1
Structures deposited in the Protein Data Bank: 106

  1. Published
    Crystal structure of NCAM2 IgIV-Fn3II. Kulahin, Nikolaj (Other); Rasmussen, Kim Krighaar (Other); Kristensen, Ole (Other); Kastrup, Jette Sandholm Jensen (Other); Berezin, Vladimir (Other); Bock, Elisabeth Marianne (Other); Walmod, Peter Schledermann (Other); Gajhede, Michael (Other). 2009. 17. November.

    Research output: Non-textual formDatasetResearch

  2. Published

    Distinct structural features of cyclothiazide are responsible for effects on peak current amplitude and desensitization kinetics at iGluR2. / Hald, Helle; Ahring, Philip Kiær; Timmermann, Daniel Brunicardi; Liljefors, Tommy; Gajhede, Michael; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm.

    In: Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol. 391, No. 5, 2009, p. 906-917.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  3. Published

    Enzyme kinetic studies of histone demethylases KDM4C and KDM6A : Towards understanding selectivity of inhibitors targeting oncogenic histone demethylases. / Kristensen, Jan B L; Nielsen, Anders L; Jørgensen, Lars; Kristensen, Line Hyltoft; Helgstrand, Charlotte; Juknaite, Lina; Kristensen, Jesper Langgaard; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm; Clausen, Rasmus Prætorius; Olsen, Lars; Gajhede, Michael.

    In: F E B S Letters, Vol. 585, No. 12, 23.06.2011, p. 1951-1956.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  4. Published

    Establishment of an immunized murine Fab library for selection of iGluR6 binders by phage display. / Mohr, Andreas Ørgaard; Skottrup, Peter Durand; Jensen, Anders A.; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm Jensen; Clausen, Rasmus Prætorius; Riise, Erik Skjold.

    2009. Poster session presented at 4th Danish Conference on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology - Biomarker discovery and drug development in the omics era, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterResearch

  5. Published

    Full domain closure of the ligand-binding core of the ionotropic glutamate receptor iGluR5 induced by the high affinity agonist dysiherbaine and the functional antagonist 8,9-dideoxyneodysiherbaine. / Frydenvang, Karla Andrea; Lash, L Leanne; Naur, Peter; Postila, Pekka A; Pickering, Darryl S; Smith, Caleb M; Gajhede, Michael; Sasaki, Makoto; Sakai, Ryuichi; Pentikäinen, Olli T; Swanson, Geoffrey T; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm.

    In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 284, No. 21, 2009, p. 14219-14229.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  6. Published

    Interaction partners of PSD-93 studied by X-ray crystallography and fluorescence polarization spectroscopy. / Fiorentini, Monica; Bach, Anders; Strømgaard, Kristian; Kastrup, Jette S; Gajhede, Michael.

    In: Acta Crystallographica. Section D: Biological Crystallography, Vol. 69, No. Pt 4, 04.2013, p. 587-94.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearch

  7. Published

    Intersubunit bridge formation governs agonist efficacy at nicotinic acetylcholine alpha4beta2 receptors : Unique role of halogen bonding revealed. / Rohde, Line Aagot Hede; Ahring, Philip Kiær; Jensen, Marianne Lerbech; Nielsen, Elsebet Østergaard; Peters, Dan; Helgstrand, Charlotte; Krintel, Christian; Harpsøe, Kasper; Gajhede, Michael; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm; Balle, Thomas.

    In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 287, No. 6, 03.02.2012, p. 4248-4259.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  8. Published

    Kainate induces various domain closures in AMPA and kainate receptors. / Venskutonyte, Raminta; Frydenvang, Karla; Hald, Helle; Rabassa, Anna Ceravalls de; Gajhede, Michael; Ahring, Philip K.; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm.

    In: Neurochemistry International, Vol. 61, No. 4, 09.2012, p. 536-545.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  9. Published

    Lessons from more than 80 structures of the GluA2 ligand-binding domain in complex with agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators. / Pøhlsgaard, Jacob; Frydenvang, Karla Andrea; Madsen, Ulf; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm.

    In: Neuropharmacology, Vol. 60, No. 1, 01.01.2011, p. 135-150.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReviewResearchpeer-review

  10. Published

    Ligand binding analyses of the putative peptide transporter YjdL from E. coli display a significant selectivity towards dipeptides. / Ernst, Heidi Asschenfeldt; Pham, Antony; Hald, Helle; Kastrup, Jette Sandholm; Rahman, Moazur; Mirza, Osman Asghar.

    In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 389, No. 1, 2009, p. 112-116.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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