Kristian Strømgaard
Kristian Strømgaard


  1. 2015
  2. Published

    Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions with Trimeric Ligands: High Affinity Inhibitors of the MAGUK Protein Family

    Nissen, K. B., Kedström, L. M. H., Wilbek, T. S., Nielsen, L. S., Åberg, E., Kristensen, Anders Skov, Bach, Anders, Jemth, P. & Strømgaard, Kristian, 2015, In : PLOS ONE. 10, 2, p. 1-17 17 p., e0117668.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  3. Published

    Binding of ArgTX-636 in the NMDA receptor ion channel

    Poulsen, M. H., Andersen, J., Christensen, R., Hansen, K. B., Traynelis, S. F., Strømgaard, Kristian & Kristensen, Anders Skov, 16 Jan 2015, In : Journal of Molecular Biology. 427, 1, p. 176-89 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  4. Published

    Importance of the Extracellular Loop 4 in the Human Serotonin Transporter for Inhibitor Binding and Substrate Translocation

    Rannversson, H., Wilson, P., Kristensen, K. B., Sinning, S., Kristensen, Anders Skov, Strømgaard, Kristian & Andersen, J., 5 Jun 2015, In : The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 290, 23, p. 14582-94 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  5. Published

    Fatty acid derivatives of dimeric inhibitors of PSD-95

    Strømgaard, Kristian, Bach, Anders & Nissen, K. B., 4 Jun 2015, IPC No. A61K38/17 , Patent No. WO2015/078477A1, Priority date 1 Dec 2013, Priority No. DK/2013/70735

    Research output: Patent

  6. Published

    Identification and characterization of a small-molecule inhibitor of death-associated protein kinase 1

    Wilbek, T. S., Skovgaard, T., Sorrell, F. J., Knapp, S., Berthelsen, J. & Strømgaard, Kristian, 2 Jan 2015, In : ChemBioChem. 16, 1, p. 59-63 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  7. Published

    Polyamine toxins from spiders and wasps: Polyamine toxins from spiders and wasps

    Xiong, X. & Strømgaard, Kristian, 2015, Polyamines: A Universal Molecular Nexus for Growth, Survival, and Specialized Metabolism. Springer, Japan, p. 201-214 14 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapterResearchpeer-review

  8. 2016
  9. Published

    Interrogating the Molecular Basis for Substrate Recognition in Serotonin and Dopamine Transporters with High-Affinity Substrate-Based Bivalent Ligands

    Andersen, J., Ladefoged, L. K., Kristensen, T. N. B., Munro, L., Grouleff, J., Stuhr-Hansen, N., Kristensen, Anders Skov, Schiøtt, B. & Strømgaard, Kristian, 19 Oct 2016, In : A C S Chemical Neuroscience. 7, 10, p. 1406-1417 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  10. Published

    Effects of the dimeric PSD-95 inhibitor UCCB01-144 in mouse models of pain, cognition and motor function

    Andreasen T., Jesper, Nasser, A., Caballero Puntiverio, Maitane, Sahlholt, M., Bach, Anders, Gynther, M., Strømgaard, Kristian & Pickering, Darryl S, 5 Jun 2016, In : European Journal of Pharmacology. 780, p. 166-73 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  11. Published

    Design and synthesis of triazole-based peptidomimetics of a PSD-95 PDZ domain inhibitor

    Bach, Anders, Pedersen, T. B. & Strømgaard, Kristian, 2016, In : MedChemComm. 7, 3, p. 531-536 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  12. Published

    Precise Somatotopic Thalamocortical Axon Guidance Depends on LPA-Mediated PRG-2/Radixin Signaling

    Cheng, J., Sahani, S., Hausrat, T. J., Yang, J., Ji, H., Schmarowski, N., Endle, H., Liu, X., Li, Y., Böttche, R., Radyushkin, K., Maric, H. M., Hoerder-Suabedissen, A., Molnár, Z., Prouvot, P., Trimbuch, T., Ninnemann, O., Huai, J., Fan, W., Visentin, B., Sabbadini, R., Strømgaard, Kristian, Stroh, A., Luhmann, H. J., Kneussel, M., Nitsch, R. & Vogt, J., 5 Oct 2016, In : Neuron. 92, 1, p. 126-142 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

ID: 1302559