Exercising freedom and control in the supermarket from an overweight perspective

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  • Annemette Nielsen
The conusmption of goods plays a central role in modern identity formation. As consumers, we are told we are free to decide how we look, what we eat, where we shop, what kind of individuals we want to be etc. However, the identity we hold on to or strive for continuously poses demands on our choices. We cannot consume anything if we want to be or become someone! Thus consumption of goods may be described as an arena, where freedom of choice is enacted alongside self-control over what and how to consume. This paper provides examples of how self-control and freedom is exercised in the context of food shopping among young people who want to loose weight. The data is created through participatory observation. The findings are discussed in relation to results from other studies of identity formation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLifestyles and social change : essays in economic sociology
EditorsTerhi-Anna Wilska, Leena Haanpää
Number of pages16
Place of PublicationTurku
PublisherThe Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
Publication date2005
Publication statusPublished - 2005
SeriesSeries Discussion and Working Papers

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