Visual disamenities from off-shore wind farms in Denmark

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Expansion of the off-shore wind power plays a significant role in the energy policies of many EU countries. However, off-shore wind farms create visual disamenities. These disamenities can be reduced by locating wind farms at larger distances from the coast – and accepting higher costs per kWh produced. Base on the choices among alternative wind farm outlays, the preferences for reducing visual disamenities of off-shore wind farms were elicited using the Choice Experiment Method. The results show a clear picture; the respondents in three independent samples are willing to pay for mowing future off-shore wind farms away from the shore to reduce the wind farms visibility. However, the results also denote that the preferences vary with regards to the experiences with visual disamenities of off-shore wind farms. The respondents Horns Revs sample, where the off-shore wind farm is located at large distance from the shore, have the lowest WTP. The respondents in Nysted, who have the wind farm located close to the shore, have on the other hand by far the highest WTP. In between is the WTP from the national sample. The results thus point towards locating wind farms at large distances from the shore, to minimise the external cost. The results also denote that preference preferences structures between the three samples are significantly different and possibly explained by different experience with off-shore wind farms . Finally the results illustrate that the marginal benefits off-locating wind farms at very large distance from the coast might be small.
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PublisherEFTEC, Economics for the Environment Consultancy
Publication date2006
Publication statusPublished - 2006
EventENVECON 2006: Applied Environmental Economics Conference - London, United Kingdom
Duration: 24 Mar 200624 Mar 2006


ConferenceENVECON 2006: Applied Environmental Economics Conference
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  • Former LIFE faculty - Off-shore wind power, visual externalities/disamenities, economic valuation, choice experiments, willingness to pay, heterogeneity in preference and experience

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