Abd. Malik
Abd. Malik

PhD Student

I am interested to investigate of antioxidative and antidiabetic activity from medicinal plant. Some of plant extracts have been reported about their ability to inhibit of α-glucosidase activity. Other than plant extract, Endophytic fungi can also produce of bioactive secondary metabolites. They are microorganisms which are living inside the tissue of living plants (Strobel, 2004). Recently, Identification of new bioactive constituents from endophytes fungi from plant is an interesting area to be explored. Structure elucidation of secondary metabolites from endophytes fungi can be performed by using HPLC-SPE-NMR (Kesting et al., 2011). This is a new metabolomics technology platform in bioanalytical chemistry. It is successfully to identify of antidiabetic compounds from crude extract (Kongstad et al., 2015) and endophytes (Kesting et al., 2011). This research will emphasize to the secondary metabolites from endophytes of antidiabetic medicinal plants from Indonesia by using hyphenated HPLC-SPE-HRMS-NMR.

Fields of interest

Natural Product Medicine

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