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Abood, HibaBachelor student  
Alexopoulou, FloraEnrolled PhD Student +45 353-23921E-mail
Ali, Lara KamalMaster student  
Ameen, Aishat OluwanifemiMaster thesis student  
Andersen, Anna Storm NæsborgMaster student  
Awad, Ilham Abdimunim AliMaster thesis student  
Awees, Sumaya MohamedMaster student  
Ayada Amgar, Nawal  
Bach, AndersAssociate professor +45 353-36242E-mail
Bahlke, Oskar ØrtsScholarship student  
Balakrishnan, Abhishek ShankarMaster thesis student  
Bavo, FrancescoPostdoc +45 353-27264E-mail
Beck, JaninaPhD Fellow, guest  
Beltov, KristianMaster thesis student  
Benali, SarahStudent  
Benová, MichaelaMaster thesis student  
Bidesi, Natasha Shalina RajaniPhD student  E-mail
Björkling, FredrikProfessor +45 353-36231E-mail
Bohid, SaraMaster student  
Borg, Christian BernsenPostdoc  E-mail
Braun, NinaPostdoc +45 353-37748E-mail
Brix, DorteLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36490E-mail
Bunch, LennartAssociate professor +45 353-36244E-mail
Chan, Camilla BachmandScholarship student  
Chan, Camilla BachmandMaster thesis student  
Chen, ZiyangEnrolled PhD Student +45 353-37917E-mail
Ciba, MarijaPhD fellow +45 353-34705E-mail
Clausen, Rasmus PrætoriusAssociate professor +45 353-36566E-mail
Dankova, DanielaResearch assistant  E-mail
Demir, SerhatVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Dutta, PalashPostdoc  E-mail
El Fakiri Benamar, MohamedMaster thesis student  
El Hag-Ali, Maria MosbahBachelor student  
Eriksen, Anette LundskovSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36245E-mail
Fougiaxis, VasileiosMaster thesis student  
Frølund, BenteProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-36495E-mail
Galleano, IacopoInternational Researcher +45 26 11 57 70E-mail
Gauger, Stine JuulMaster thesis student  
Hagi, HassanService staff, hourly paid  E-mail
Hansen, EmilieScholarship student  
Hansen, Simon JürgensenMaster thesis student  
Harms, HendrikErasmus master student  
Harrington, Jeremiah ChristopherMaster student  
Hentsch, Axel RobertMaster thesis student  
Herth, Matthias ManfredAssociate professor +45 353-36624E-mail
Hestbæk, ChristianHead of Administration +45 353-36682E-mail
Hussein, Sahar Hashim AliMaster thesis student  
Iskov, Kirsten BraadLaboratory technician +45 51 33 12 49E-mail
Jacobsen, StigLaboratory technician  E-mail
Jameson, Samuel TimothyMaster thesis student  
Jensen, Alexander Bækager JustMaster student  
Jensen, Laura HøjbergMaster thesis student  
Johansen, Tommy NørskovAssociate professor, head of studies +45 353-36412E-mail
Jørgensen, Anne-Marie EngelundService staff member +45 353-31420E-mail
Jørgensen, Johan StormMaster student  
Kapicic, AzraMaster thesis student  
Kapiki, DespoinaMaster thesis student  
Klein, Elissandro JairVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Knudsen, Line Bruhn SchneiderMaster student  
Kristensen, Jesper LanggaardProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-36487E-mail
Liang, ChaoResearch assistant  E-mail
Lillethorup, Ida AabergScholarship student  
Lillethorup, Ida AabergMaster thesis student  
Lin, ChunyuEnrolled PhD Student  E-mail
Louka, StavroulaMaster thesis student  
Madsen, UlfHead of school +45 353-36243E-mail
Malayeri, Nick-RooMaster thesis student  
Mentz, ChristofferMaster thesis student  
Miro, Nathalie KristineScholarship student  
Moreno Yruela, CarlosPostdoc +45 353-28499E-mail
Mukminova, ElinaMaster student  
Märcher-Rørsted, Emil  E-mail
Märcher-Rørsted, EmilPhD fellow  E-mail
Nguyen, Huy Thien  
Nielsen, BirgitteProfessional coordinator +45 353-36116E-mail
Nielsen, JohnProfessor +45 353-36706E-mail
Novaes Gomes, JeffersonPhD fellow  E-mail
Nykodemova, JitkaMaster thesis student  
Olesen, Martin MariboeMaster thesis student  
Prokou, MariaBachelor student  
Rasmussen, Vibe Johanne LehmannService staff member +45 353-31439E-mail
Rezaee, ParisaEnrolled PhD Student  
Rostrup, FrederikScholarship student +45 30 28 85 51
Sadani, SanazPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Sandler, Thea SarahMaster thesis student  
Sembach, Louise SidseService staff member  E-mail
Sereikaité, VitaResearch assistant  
Sereikaité, VitaPostdoc +45 353-37494E-mail
Shehata, Mohamed A.Postdoc +45 53 68 90 70E-mail
Shen, MengjieMaster student  
Sigurdsson, JohannMaster thesis student  
Sirocchi, Ludovica StellaPhD fellow +45 353-36384E-mail
Soelberg, JensPostdoc +45 353-36617E-mail
Straadt, Ida KrestinePostdoc +45 353-37557E-mail
Sørensen, Louis Martin EichstedtMaster thesis student  
Sørensen, Palle KjærLaboratory technician +45 353-36642E-mail
Tedesco, ClaudiaMaster thesis student  
Topaktas, Asli BaharMaster thesis student  
Tsakoumagkou, ArgyroMaster thesis student  
Tu, PeilinMaster thesis student  
Ulven, Elisabeth RexenAssistant professor +45 353-36009E-mail
Ulven, Elisabeth RexenAssociate professor +45 353-36009E-mail
Ulven, TrondProfessor +45 353-36045E-mail
Valentini, AlicePhD fellow +45 353-25453E-mail
Yang, YantongVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Yasen, FahimaMaster student