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Researchers in Section of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

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Aldana Garcia, Blanca IrenePostdoc +45 31 54 18 04E-mail
Andersen, Jens VeldePhD student +45 353-34853E-mail
Bak, Lasse KristofferAssociate professor +45 353-36304E-mail
Bang-Andersen, BennyAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Christensen, Sofie KjellerupPhD fellow +45 353-32650E-mail
Christiansen, Ann-Kathrin LindahlPhD student +45 22 31 31 82E-mail
Edvinsson, Jacob Carl AlexanderPhD fellow +45 353-32588E-mail
Grunnet, MortenAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Hansen, Harald S.Professor +45 353-36332E-mail
Jakobsen, EmilPhD student +45 353-31229E-mail
Lohse, BrianAssociate professor +45 353-36658E-mail
Mertz, ChristofferResearch assistant  
Pickering, Darryl SAssociate professor +45 353-34342E-mail
Schousboe, ArneProfessor  
Sheykhzade, MajidAssociate professor +45 353-36546E-mail
Vana, VasilikiResearch assistant  E-mail