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Researchers in Section of Experimental Pharmacology

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Andreasen T., JesperAssociate professor +45 353-36307E-mail
Arsova, AngelaPhD fellow +45 353-34481E-mail
Bräuner-Osborne, HansProfessor +45 353-34469E-mail
Caballero Puntiverio, MaitanePhD student  E-mail
Deng, YufangResearch assistant  E-mail
Diaz del Castillo, MartaResearch assistant +45 353-36798E-mail
Falk-Petersen, Christina BirkedahlPhD fellow +45 353-34772E-mail
Gegelashvili, GeorgeProfessor +45 353-36132E-mail
Gentry, Patrick RyanPostdoc +45 353-32119E-mail
Griem-Krey, NanePhD fellow +45 353-26788E-mail
Griem-Krey, NaneResearch assistant +45 353-26788E-mail
Hansen, Rie BagerAssistant professor +45 353-32139E-mail
Hauser, Alexander SebastianPostdoc  E-mail
Heegaard, Anne-MarieAssociate professor +45 353-36322E-mail
Jensen, Anders A.Associate professor +45 23 96 24 34E-mail
Jørgensen, Christinna VangsgaardPostdoc +45 353-34538E-mail
Klem, Louise BomholtPhD Fellow +45 353-31727E-mail
Lie, Maria Elena KliboPostdoc +45 353-34092E-mail
Madjroh, NawidPhD fellow +45 353-25372E-mail
Mathiesen, Jesper M.Associate professor +45 353-34244E-mail
Mos, IrisPhD student  E-mail
Møller, Thor ChristianAssistant professor +45 353-36028E-mail
Odland, Anna UlsteinPhD +45 353-33688E-mail
Olander, Emma RiePhD student +45 353-34155E-mail
Pedersen, Line BrogaardPhD Fellow +45 353-33918E-mail
Solbak, Sara Marie ØiePostdoc +45 353-33559E-mail
Thiesen, LouisePostdoc +45 353-33272E-mail
van Hout, MarloesPhD student +45 353-31388E-mail
Wellendorph, PetrineAssociate professor +45 353-36397E-mail