19 April 2018

Professor Sven Frøkjær receives Pharmaceutical Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Former vice-dean at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Professor Sven Frøkjær, has received the Danish Pharmaceutical Society’s gold medal for his work and great influence on the pharmaceutical field. The medal is presented to a person who has made a special effort for pharmaceutical science, education and practice. 

The Danish Pharmaceutical Society awards the society’s gold medal to a person who has made a great effort for pharmaceutical science, education and practice. This year the gold medal goes to former vice-dean at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Professor Sven Frøkjær.

‘Of course I was really surprised and happy. Naturally it is a recognition of a lot of the things I have done for the pharmaceutical field. So of course it is great to receive this appreciation from the scientific society of the field’, Sven Frøkjær says about the pleasant surprise.

In choosing Sven Frøkjær for the gold medal, the society focussed on his versatile and influential career.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Hold a Strong Position

As a pharmacist with a PhD in physical chemistry Sven Frøkjær began his career at Novo Nordisk, where he, among other things, worked with biopharmaceutics, drug delivery and preformulation of peptides and proteins.

Later he brought his strong research background from the industry with him to the educational sector. In 2007, as principal of the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, he facilitated the merger with the University of Copenhagen, where he became dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In 2012 the faculty was merged with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, where he was vice-dean until September 2016.

‘What I am most pleased with, personally, when I look back at my career within the pharmaceutical field, is the mergers first with UCPH and then with SUND. I am proud of the positive result. You see, I am passionate about the pharmaceutical field, so it is hugely satisfying for me to see that the pharmaceutical sciences hold such a strong position and are so well organised at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’, says Sven Frøkjær.

Strong Development Opportunities
Sven Frøkjær has also played a main role in the modernisation of research conducted within the pharmaceutical sciences, and he has been a primary force in ensuring that the University of Copenhagen today has strong, internationally acclaimed research groups and attracts both funding and the most talented candidates to its PhD positions.

He has published around 130 texts within the pharmaceutical field, and in 2002 he was one of the instigators of the graduate programme ‘Drug Research Academy’, whose research training continues to be an attractive offer for PhD-students.

Today Sven Frøkjær has high hopes for the future of the pharmaceutical field.

‘I feel that the pharmaceutical field has some

 really strong development opportunities, because it is part of a larger medical field at a university with room for thinking big’, he says.

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