07 June 2018

SUND Spaces: The University Park Glass Bridge

The decoration on the footbridge was created by the artist Ferdinand Ahm Krag, and the idea was to ‘bridge the gap’ between the architectural expressions of the two buildings through a combination of warm and cold colours.

The bridge’s moiré pattern has been ornamented with pictures of plants from various parts of the history of pharmacy – e.g. mistletoe, lily of the valley, mandrake root, peyote cactus and many other plant species. The photo above shows a man being treated for tapeworm with a plant extract. 

’The class bridge helps to maintain close connections between people across buildings and disciplines and makes it easy for everyone from the old building (editor’s note: the grey building to the right) to use the new facilities on the other side of the bridge’, says user of the bridge and administrator of the pharmaceutical PhD programme, the Drug Research Academy, Marianne Wieslander Jørgensen.

The bridge can be seen a long way off – also by passers-by on Nørre Allé and in Fælledparken. From the outside the offset waves of the glass facade make it seem as though the pattern changes as you pass.
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