25 October 2019

The Lundbeck Foundation Supports Experienced Talents with Grants

As part of the ‘Ascending Investigators’ grant programme, eight researchers at SUND, incl. two from ILF, will each receive DKK 5 million for a number of projects.

The funds are part of the ‘Ascending Investigators’ grant programme which, according to the Lundbeck Foundation, aims ‘to support established, experienced and talented researchers within health science to further their careers and potentially make a significant contribution to health science’.

In total, the Foundation has awarded DKK 100 million to 20 different researchers and their projects, eight of which come from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

This is the list of recipients from ILF:

David Gloriam, Professor at ILF
will in his research project work on side effects in drugs.
He will try to uncover the mechanisms that allow new drugs to be directed toward the right signals in the body’s cells – thereby reducing the incidence of side effects from drugs.

Stephan Pless, Associate professor at ILF
will study the consequences of changes in ion channels that are involved in communication between nerve cells, among other things in relation to pain, brain haemorrhage and blood clots in the brain.

Read more and see all recipients from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences here.