Cell Signalling Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen

Group photo from the CSP lab retreat at Store Færgedal near Frederikssund, May 2018 

Signals may arise inside cells in the absence of direct activation of a receptor. Also, signals elicited by activation of receptors may be either reinforced or curbed by interaction with other signalling pathways operating inside the cell. Thus, drugs acting solely on receptors are not able to modify such signals. 

However, activation of receptors on the surface of cells remain the largest single group of targets for currently marketed drugs.

In the Cell Signalling Pharmacology (CSP) Lab, we aim to better understand receptor- and non receptor-mediated intracellular signals, how parallel signalling trains interact laterally, and which cellular functions are under the control of these signals.

A major interest in CSP is 3’,5’-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) signals, how these interact with concurrent Ca2+ signals, and how such intersecting signals control cellular metabolism - we call that signalling-metabolism coupling, and this is a major focus in CSP.  

We believe that knowledge about these intersecting signals is necessary for developing novel strategies to treat a range of diseases with an unmet need for novel pharmacology.

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