Pharmacotherapy – University of Copenhagen

Section of Pharmacotherapy

Who are we?
A section with knowledge and expertise in multiple aspects of translational research. The section spans the continuum of translational research ranging from clinically relevant in vitro disease models to population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling, clinical trial design, pharmacovigilance, precision medicine, and big data analyses. Moreover, the section investigates and influences regulatory aspects of healthcare. We envision a section with a unique ability to conduct high level research projects with significant impact on better patient care.

What do we want for the future?
Expand our translational agenda while addressing clinically relevant challenges. Strive to implement state-of-the-art approaches to be able to publish high impact publications and thus raise awareness to our research, nationally as well as internationally. All this, while maintaining and building on our collaborative network within our section as well as by including colleagues from DDP and DP with complementary interests.

Focus areas include:

  • Developing novel treatments and biomarkers to prevent diseases and disease progression as well as strengthen therapeutic strategies to improve outcomes and quality of life
  • Establishing novel in vivo and in vitro disease models
  • Using big health data analyses in pharmacovigilance
  • Improving pharmacotherapy and clinical trial designs with pharmacometrics
  • Bridging between the university, the clinical departments and the industry Creating a new generation of pharmaceutical students that will drive future translational research

The work is conducted in close collaboration with researchers from a range of hospital departments, universities and pharmaceutical companies in Denmark and abroad.

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