Jens Soelberg

Jens Soelberg


  • Peptides and Proteins

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Project: Danish Medicinal Plant Biobank

We aim to facilitate investigation of bioactive compounds with drug potential, by establishing an open access biobank of samples and extracts of 300+ species of plants with a medicinal history or present status as herbal drugs in Denmark. Expected to open for university research and industry ultimo 2020.

As an ethnobotanist I research the interactions between people and nature. I strive to unravel and document the medicinal uses and potentials of plants, and to communicate this knowledge for applications in both local communities and broader scientific contexts.

Contributing with a multidisciplinary approach, which draws from botany (collection, identification and classification of plants), pharmacognosy and chemotaxonomy (the study of the origin of crude drugs, and the biochemical compositions of plant groups) and ethnographic documentation of plant uses, I participate in research colaborations which can preserve, evidense-base and develope the medicinal potential of plants.


Current research

Danish medicinal plant biobank (establishing phase)
An open access biobank of 300+ medicinal plants.


Completed projects and fieldworks:

2017. Forgotten Medicinal Plants of the Former Danish Colonies (PhD-project).

2014. US Virgin Islands. Ethnobotanical study, plant and data collection for historical comparative study and pharmacology.

2013-14. Ghana. Ethnobotanical study, plant and data collection for historical comparative study and pharmacology.

2013. Guatamala. Ethnopharmacological plant collection

2012. Atalaya, Peru. Ethnobotanical study of plants used against snakebite among Ashàninka indians.

2010. Wakhan and Pamir, Afghanistan. 2010. Ethnobotanical data among agropastoralist and nomads, plants, fungi and lichens. 3rd Danish Pamir Expedition. 

2009. Chapursan, Karakorum, Pakistan. 2009. Ethnobotanical data collection. Pre-study.

2009. Meghri, Armenia. 2009. Collection of Galanthus spp. for the PHYLODRUGS-project.

2008. Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa & Namib-desert, Namibia. Ethnobotanical data collection and studies of endemics in Pondoland og Swakopmund.

2007. Altai Mountains, Sibiria, Russia. Studies of the variation of Lonicera spp. in regards to tectonic activity.       

2007. Tuva Respublika, Sibiria, Russia. Ethnobotanical data collection among shamans. 



Main fields of teaching and supervision:

  • Pharmacognosy, drug plants and herbal drugs
  • Botany (tropical and danish flora)
  • Ethnobotany (theory and method)
  • Research ethnobiological museum collections

Teaching at University of Copenhagen

  • 2011 - (onwards): Botany-segment of the course Drugs from Nature (former Pharmacognosy/Natural Products Chemistry). Lectures, classes, excursions. 

  • 2011-. Lectures for the course Applied Ethnobotany

  • 2006-09: Teaching assistant in botany at Institute of Biology. Classes, excursions


  • Talks/lectures on ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, forgotten medicinal plants of Denmark and former colonies, and the 3rd Danish Pamir Expedition for school, high schools and other at Museum of Natural Medicine (

 Public dissemination:

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