Contacts - Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders A. Jensen Professor +4523962434 E-mail
Anders Skov Kristensen Associate Professor +4535336505 E-mail
Annette Snejbjerg Bartels Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535333171 E-mail
Blanca Aldana Associate Professor +4531541804 E-mail
Christel Ammitzböll Halberg Laboratory Technician +4535330617 E-mail
Claudia Weidling PhD Fellow +4535334621 E-mail
Durita Poulsen Laboratory Technician +4535336434 E-mail
Han Chow Chua Assistant Professor +4535334126 E-mail
Hans Bräuner-Osborne Professor +4535334469 E-mail
Heidi Marie Nielsen Laboratory Technician +4535336333 E-mail
Iacopo Galleano International Researcher +4526115770 E-mail
Jacob Carl Alexander Edvinsson Research Assistant +4535332588 E-mail
Jacob Mathias Bech Research Assistant   E-mail
Jan Stenvang Associate Professor +4535333753 E-mail
Janet Nagayi Nandawula da Silva Laboratory Technician +4535337642 E-mail
Janne Møgelhøj Colding Laboratory Coordinator +4535336548 E-mail
Jefferson Novaes Gomes PhD Fellow +4535333859 E-mail
Jeffrey van Senten Postdoc   E-mail
Jesper M. Mathiesen Associate Professor +4535334244 E-mail
José Moreira Professor +4535333116 E-mail
Kristi Anne Kohlmeier Associate Professor   E-mail
Linda Grønborg Dorvil Assistant Professor +4535332824 E-mail
Line Brogaard Palmelund PhD Fellow   E-mail
Majid Sheykhzade Associate Professor +4535336546 E-mail
Mette Homann Poulsen Assistant Professor   E-mail
Nane Griem-Krey PhD Fellow +4591403792 E-mail
Nawid Madjroh Postdoc +4535325372 E-mail
Petrine Wellendorph Professor +4535336397 E-mail
Uffe Kristiansen Associate Professor +4535336381 E-mail