Janne Rømsing

Janne Rømsing

Associate professor emerIta

Primary fields of research

Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, Translational Pain Research

I conduct research at the highest international level which generates, disseminates, and applies new knowledge that optimizes drug therapy.

Translational Pain Research covers the progress made toward bringing laboratory science to our understanding of pain phenomena in humans with the ultimate goal of providing optimal and safe drug treatments for promoting patient health.

My primary field of research is to improve the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of different analgesics to provide optimal and safe drug treatments. Research focuses on the influence of administration routes and delivery systems or lipid- or polymer-based nanoparticles on the pharmacokinetic fate and pharmacodynamic behavior of analgesics in adults and children.

All research projects are conducted in close co-operation with national as well as international researchers at other Universities and University Hospitals.





The Clinical Pharmacy group is the only of its kind at the University of Copenhagen.

I teach within the elective course Clinical Practice and the compulsory course Pharmacotherapy.

I also teach several Master Thesis students every year as well as

I have been superviser for several PhD-students within the area.

During the years I have currently developed the courses within the area as well I have developed a postgraduate education for Hospital Pharmacists, Specialistuddannelse i Sygehusfarmaci.

The present goal is to develop a Master Degree within Pharmacotherapy/Clinical Pharmacy.

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