Center for Biopharmaceuticals – University of Copenhagen

Student project at Center for Biopharmaceuticals

Examples of research topics and techniques:

  • Protein posttranslational modification
  • Protein and peptide modifications
  • Unnatural amino acid incorporation
  • Membrane protein function and pharmacology
  • Epigenetics
  • Synthesis of enzyme inhibitors
  • Enzyme kinetics

Currently open MSc projects:

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                     Areas of expertise:

Kristian Strømgaard

Kristian Strømgaard Peptides, Protein-Protein Interactions, Inhibitors, Transporters, Unnatural Amino Acids, Semisynthesis of Proteins.

Christian Adam Olsen

Christian Adam Olsen Epigenetics, Foldamers, Organic Synthesis, Peptide Science, Assay Development, Enzyme Kinetics.

Stephan Pless
Associate Professor

Stephan Pless Areas of expertise: Ion Channels, Molecular Pharmacology, Unnatural Amino Acids, Neurobiology, Biophysics, Electrophysiology, Chemical Biology.