Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen

Student projects in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Examples of research topics and techniques:

  • In vitro and in vivo pharmacology
  • In vivo behavioural pharmacology
  • In vivo models of human diseases: pain, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, depression
  • Electrophysiological studies
  • Molecular biology and biochemistry techniques
  • Microbiology (virus) techniques

Current Master projects:

General contacts:


Areas of expertise:

Klaus B. Andersen

Associate Professor

Klaus B. Andersen antiviral drugs, retrovirus biology, virology

Åsa Andersson

Associate Professor

Åsa Andersson drug targets, experimental models, functional genomics, molecular mechanisms in autoimmunity and chronic inflammation

Lasse K. Bak

Associate Professor

sse K. Bak

brain biochemistry, energy metabolism and signalling in the brain, neuroscience

Harald S. Hansen


Harald S. Hansen appetite regulation, obesity, lipid metabolism (biochemical, nutritional and pharmacological functions of lipids)

Brian Lohse

Associate Professor

Brian Lohse antibodies, epigenetics, peptidomimetics, phage display

Darryl S. Pickering

Associate Professor

Darryl S. Pickering animal models, the central nervous system, ionotropic glutamate receptors, neurobiology

Majid Sheykzade

Associate Professor

Majid Sheykzade cardiac pain, diabetes, fluorescence microscopy, migraine, obesity, PK-PD studies, receptor pharmacology, vascular pharmacology og physiology

Helle S. Waagepetersen


Helle S. Waagepetersen astrocytes, brain metabolism, cell culture, GABA, glutamate, neurons, neurotransmission