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About the department

The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology delivers research and teaching within a wide range of drug-related disciplines, spanning the molecular, cellular, and pharmacological levels.

We strongly emphasise the further development of our cross-disciplinary collaborations with Danish as well as international research institutions and businesses, including clinical hospital departments, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and spin-out companies.

Our activities are aimed at tackling major global health challenges through the development of innovative, effective therapeutics, along with underpinning research methods and technologies.

Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology

The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology is located in three well-equipped buildings in Universitetsparken 2, Copenhagen Ø, housing approximately 300 staff.

The Department was established on 1 January 2012 after merging of the Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy, the Department of Medicinal Chemistry (both from the former Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and chemistry resources from the Department of Basic Sciences and Environment (from the former Faculty of Life Sciences).

The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.