Data and computing facility, DCF

The DCF contributes to the implementation of digital core curriculum elements in ILF courses and provide computational research/data science contributions to projects anchored at ILF.

Furthermore, the DCF is responsible for internal computational research resources at ILF and it is the primary point of contact to external data science resources from other departments at SUND or UCPH.

The facility will administer the Schrödinger license and other software licenses in the future - if these are not handled by UCPH. The facility will also deliver user support to the license. The cost will be covered by license fee.

User society: Any research group or individual scientific staff member at ILF in need of computational research support.

Association: Peptides & Proteins.


Facility manager, Kasper Harpsøe, is in office 21.1.119 while all other resources, i.e., hardware and software, are accessible online. The Facility Manager refers to the Chairperson who is responsible for having PDR with the facility manager.




  • Research: All sorts of computational research/data science contributions to projects carried out at ILF. The contribution can be provided as paid actual research work conducted by the facility staff (currently only one person), as supervision of junior staff or students, or guidance/advice to senior staff. Mediation of contact to other expert data science resources at SUND can be applicable.
  • Education: Support course teams in implementation of pharmaceutical relevant digital core curriculum (DCC) elements in relevant courses plus practical setup and smooth running of computational parts of ILF courses, e.g., computer exercises etc.
  • Infrastructure: Support, installation, updates, and instructions concerning everything related to the ILF grid (see below).



Research: Supervision and access to the ILF grid and calculation time is provided as a free service. Smaller work tasks up to approx.15 hours per project pr. year can be provided free of charge, whereas larger time commitment must be paid. As a rule, anticipated use of the DCF should be included in funding applications either as part of the 15% ILF contribution or as salary for the facility staff. How to include the facility usage in the budget for funding applications, above the smaller tasks 15 hours, must follow ILF guidelines for applications.

Running costs: such as Schrödinger license should be paid by the users like user fees in all other facilities.

Education and infrastructure: Free of charge



The ILF grid consists of the following Linux servers free of charge.

  • ilfgridgpun01fl
    • 1 gpu (A100 with 40GB RAM)
    • 48 physical cores (2x AMD 7443)
    • 512 GB memory

  • ilfgridgpun02fl
    • 8 GPU (GeForce GTX 1080)
    • 6 physical cores (2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4)
    • 256 GB memory


Kasper Harpsøe

Facility Manager

Kasper Harpsøe
Research consultant
 +45 35 32 08 82

Steering Commitee

Name Title Image
Johansen, Tommy Nørskov Associate professor, Head of Studies Billede af Johansen, Tommy Nørskov

Chair person

Albert J. Kooistra
+45 35 32 83 05