stinkskab med blåt lys

At ILF we conduct academic drug research ranging from molecular to translational aspects. The research is characterized by being highly integrative – from generation of novel chemical compounds and new technologies to pharmacological assessment in a broad sense. This underscores ILF’s unique potential and opportunities for innovation.

The vision of ICT is to help ILF realize its full potential in innovation

ILF wishes to be a frontrunner in academic innovation. By increasing our output in terms of inventions, innovative products, innovation-related services and spin-out companies, there are clear benefits both to the society at large and to ILF itself.

Staff of the Innovation Core Team (ICT)

Head of ICT: Associate professor Petrine Wellendorph  

From left: Fredrik Björkling, José Moreira, Jesper L. Kristensen, Brian Lohse, Trond Ulven, Petrine Wellendorph