Data Science

Pharmaceutical sciences have traditionally been driven by experimental observations. However, the recent development within data science has enabled totally new ways to understand drug related research data. Pharma DS is leveraging big data challenges within multiple research areas ranging from drug effects at a receptor level and biological effects of the drug, to design of medicinal products and observational patient data.

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Group leader

Data science team leader

David Gloriam

Phone +45 3533 6162

Data science team members

The data science team combines data science research groups and course managers to facilitates data science across research and teaching.

Name Title Image
Albert Jelke Kooistra Associate Professor Billede af Albert Jelke Kooistra
Alexander Sebastian Hauser Associate Professor Billede af Alexander Sebastian Hauser
David E. Gloriam Professor Billede af David E. Gloriam
Jukka Rantanen Professor Billede af Jukka Rantanen
Karla Andrea Frydenvang Associate Professor Billede af Karla Andrea Frydenvang
Maurizio Sessa Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Maurizio Sessa
Michael Gajhede Professor Billede af Michael Gajhede
Morten Andersen Professor Billede af Morten Andersen
Tommy Nørskov Johansen Associate professor, Head of Studies Billede af Tommy Nørskov Johansen
Trine Meldgaard Lund Associate Professor Billede af Trine Meldgaard Lund