27 August 2020

24 young researchers talk about well-being and ambitions

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The research environment in Denmark and globally is characterised by high ambitions and high expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on researchers' often demanding working life and on creating a good working environment where both individuals and communities can develop their talents.

This is one of the focal points in the UCPH Forward programme, where young researchers become part of a network of other dedicated UCPH researchers with whom they can share their ideas and ambitions.

The network organises presentations by and debates with experienced researchers on topics like impact, personal well-being, how to handle adversity, conflicts and leadership.

24 ambitious work-life balance stories

In a new publication, 24 network members talk about what it takes to contribute to useful research while maintaining a meaningful work-life balance.

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During the ten-month programme, the participants work on both individual research, with initiatives in their local environments, and solve a task for the Rector. During the programme, they receive coaching and mentoring from experts both inside and outside of UCPH.

Talent development and well-being on the agenda

UCPH Forward was also on the agenda when Rector Henrik C. Wegener met with the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen last week.

Among other things, they discussed how to work with talent development and well-being as two sides of the same coin. This became a conversation about the huge pressure on the individual researcher to provide relevant research while maintaining a sustainable working life. ​