30 March 2020

Listen to UCPH's Best Podcasts When You Take a Walk


Have you heard of ‘Tankelyn’ – UCPH's new podcast, where researchers from the University talk about worlds that are being created, succumb and reappear? We also recommend ‘Paradis under Pres’, ‘Dissektion’, ‘Død og Diagnose’ and ‘Jorden kalder’.

If you lack good company for, say, the after-work-walk in this time of isolation, you can seek help in science. Two weeks ago, the joint podcast series 'Tankelyn' premiered at UCPH. Presently, there are three episodes in your phone's podcast app or at podcast.ku.dk.

When Worlds Succumb
The asteroid's annihilation of the dinosaurs was not the first, but actually the fifth time that pretty much the entire world succumbed. And it will probably not be the last time either. But the history of the physical world is just one of the stories in 'Tankelyn'. In addition, researchers explain how worlds in a more abstract sense are created, succumb and perhaps reappear.

When a language is developed and refined, it will also succumb and be renewed. As nations are split up, new societies rise. And when the biodiversity crisis results in such a huge loss of species in the Earth's ecosystem that it may become unrecognisable. 

Through 12 episodes, listeners will be led by Niels Bohr's office, led on to the original EC contract and also into the smallest parts of the human body in search of answers ... Will we be the downfall of Earth? Does Denmark still exist in 300 years? Can we create people who do not get sick?

'Tankelyn' premiered on 10 March and a new episode will be released every two weeks – next time on 7 April. Listen at www.podcast.ku.dk or where you normally listen to podcasts.

More Great Podcasts with SUND Researchers
Simultaneously with the launch of 'Tankelyn', UCPH has created the site podcast.ku.dk, where you can get an overview of the best podcasts from UCPH.

Here, you will find a podcast from the School of Global Health, 'Paradis under Pres'. We follow anthropologist Emil Morell, who is on Zanzibar to investigate what happens to bounty land when thousands of tourists bring money and opportunities, but also mountains of garbage and stressing working conditions.

You can also listen to two podcasts from the Natural History Museum of Denmark, 'Dissektion' and 'Jorden kalder'.

In 'Dissektion', we follow the taxidermist's knife underneath the skin of animals – from the mute swan to the grey shark – and open up to our knowledge, attitudes and feelings for the individual animal.

'Jorden kalder' are conversations with experts about what they see as the most urgent challenge to the sustainability of the globe. Who do they believe should take the initiative and responsibility to solve the problems? And what can you possibly do yourself?

On museion.ku.dk and in your regular podcast app, you can also listen to the now highly topical 'Død and Diagnose' which focuses on the Danes' historical survival strategies in the fight against life-threatening epidemics. Severe illnesses put turbo on treatments, and the medical science is founded on precisely the human struggle against bacteria and viruses throughout history.

'Død og diagnose' starts with the plague in 1347 and ends 10 episodes later, sometime in the future. Listen to everything from wandering cows as treatment for smallpox, smoke in the crotch against cholera and walks by the water against tuberculosis. But also to effective quarantines, vaccines that work and life-saving surgery.

At podcast.ku.dk you can explore several high-quality UCPH podcasts. If you produce a podcast that is not included, please write to medieteam@adm.ku.dk with a brief description of your podcast.