25 May 2021

Lotte Stig Nørgaard new member of Pharmadanmark's Board of Representatives


At Pharmadanmark's main meeting - State (held on 20 April 2021), Associate Professor Lotte Stig Nørgaard from the Department of Pharmacy was elected to the Board of Representatives of Pharmadanmark.

The Board of Representatives is Pharmadanmark's highest authority. With this, Lotte Stig Nørgaard has the right to vote at the Board of Representatives meeting. An extraordinary meeting of the Board of Representatives will be held on 8 May under the theme "Future Pharmadanmark". Lotte will do what she can to speak on behalf of government employees at the meeting. You are very welcome to talk to Lotte (see contact information) if you have ideas for the Pharmadanmark of the future.