17 January 2022

Two of our researchers have received the LF Experiment grant from the Lundbeck Foundation

Laura Mikél Mc Nair and Matthias Herth

Postdoc Laura Mikél Mc Nair and Associate Professor Matthias Manfred Herth from Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at UCPH have received the grant given by the Lundbeck Foundation for audacious and innovative projects where research can create new knowledge within the field of neuroscience.

Laura Mikél Mc Nair has received an LF Experiment research grant of DKK 2,000,000 for the project "From desert plant to novel mode of action: Potentiator of dopamine uptake is key to new treatments".

Project description from the Lundbeck Foundation's website: “Her project is about exploring a specific fatty acid found only in a plant growing in the Australian desert. This fatty acid has been shown to significantly promote the ability of cells to absorb dopamine. The plant may therefore in the end prove to be interesting in connection with the development of new medicine against e.g. ADHD. ”

Matthias Manfred Herth has received an LF Experiment research grant of DKK 1,997,705 from the Lundbeck Foundation for the project "Increasing cell survival and accelerating cell maturation in dopamine progenitor therapies".

Project description from website: "His project is about developing a medical 'platform' - based on a specific molecule that can increase the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for Parkinson's disease."

11 researchers from KU SUND have received a grant from the LF Experiment 2021 programme, see an overview of all recipients here.

/Lisbeth Lassen, Communications Officer, Pharma Communication