30 June 2023

Seven DFF grants for ILF research projects

Pharma Research

Five researchers at Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology are heading seven new project funded by DFF, Independent Research Fund Denmark.

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Here is an overview of the researchers and the new research project.

Anders Skov Kristensen DKK 2.6 mill for “Human GRIA variants as cause for neurodevelopmental disorders: From molecular mechanism to patient phenotype and rescue pharmacology”

Céline Galvagnion DKK 2.9 mill for “Understanding the cytotoxicity of protein-lipid aggregates in Parkinson’s Disease”

Joseph Matthew Rogers DKK 2.8 mill for “Folding the unfolded with de novo proteins”

Matthias Manfred Herth DKK 2.8 mill for “Instant Bioorthogonal turn-on for near-infrared dyes” and DKK 2.8 mill for “Imaging of cerebral tryptophan metabolism using 7(18F)FTrp for PET imaging”

Stephan Alexander Pless DKK 2.8 mill for “Targeting disease-causing sodium leak channel mutations by disrupting G protein modulation” and DKK 6.1 mill for “Changing the channel: Structure-function coupled ligand discovery for acid sensors”.