1 December 2023

Kristian Strømgaard receives the Danish Academy of Natural Sciences’ Industry Prize 2023

Pharma Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Danish Academy of Natural Sciences has awarded Professor Kristian Strømgaard with the Industry Prize 2023.

Professor Kristian Strømgaard.
Professor Claus Hélix-Nielsen (left) and Professor Kristian Strømgaard.

The chairman of Danish Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor Claus Hélix-Nielsen from DTU, presented Kristian Strømgaard with the prize at a ceremony Friday November 24 in Aarhus.

On receiving the prize, Professor Kristian Strømgaard states:

”I am truly honored to receive the Industry Prize 2023 from the Danish Academy of Natural Sciences. It is a humbling experience to see the list of previous recipients, with many people I admire among them.”

“It is a privilege to see our collaborative efforts with the pharmaceutical industry as well as within biotech being recognized with this award. Throughout the years we have had numerous very fruitful collaborations with companies such as Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, Gubra and many others. We entered the biotech space several years ago when establishing Avilex Pharma, and we have more recently contributed to establish the foundation for other biotech companies. Most recently, we have received a generous contribution from the BioInnovation Institute to spin-out our next company, so it is indeed very exciting times.”

Read the press release from the Academy of Natural Sciences here (in Danish).

Industry Prize medal.