18 December 2023

Matthias Herth Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharma Research

From the beginning of January 2024, Matthias Manfred Herth will be our new Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry here at the Department. The position was advertised publicly earlier this year.

Matthias Manfred Herth.
Professor Matthias Manfred Herth.

Our new Professor has agreed to answer a few questions to let us know more about his new position and his research.

Which projects are you currently heading or part of? 

“My research group is developing targeted radionuclide therapies based on astatatine-211. Conventional strategies based on mAbs, peptides and small molecules are radiolabeled for this purpose, but also pretargeted approaches using bioorthogonal chemistries are applied in his laboratory. I also develop new imaging agents based on PET and SPECT to image a broad variety of targets including GPCR´s, ion channels or enzymes, for example. My research has received funding by the Lundbeck Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Independent Research Fund Denmark and the European Union, among others.

What is your focus and specific interests as Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry?

I focus on developing radiopharmaceuticals and translating them from bench-to-bedside. I am especially interested in establishing new methodologies, which may change current imaging and treatment approaches. It is my hope that one of these methods could be sued to improve current treatment options.”