31 October 2023

Miriam Kolko Professor in Translational Eye Research

Pharma Research

From first of November, Miriam Kolko has been employed as Professor in Translational Eye Research at ILF, where she focuses her research on personalised glaucoma care, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.

Professor Miriam Kolko
Professor Miriam Kolko.

Miriam Kolko is professor in a half time position here at the Department and half time chief physician at Rigshospitalet.

Pharma Communication has asked the new professor a few questions:

As Head of the Personalised Medicine cluster and Eye Translational Research Unit, which projects are you part of there?

"Personalised treatments in glaucoma are essential. As Head of Personalised Medicine cluster, we aim to highlight the important impact of preclinical insights in stratified care for patients."

How will you describe the major trends within the area of personalised medicine?

"With an ever-increasing focus on risk profiles in the population, personalized medicine is here to stay. A major focus of my research is to contribute to the development and improvement of risk profiles and to contribute to the development of stratified treatments."

You have a background as a physician and also a senior consultant at Rigshospitalet. How is the clinical area part of your research? Please give examples.

"As a senior consultant, I treat patients with glaucoma both surgically and medically. My close contact to patients gives me important insights in patient needs and what can pave the way for better glaucoma care. In my research group Eye Translational Research Unit, we are going for gaps in glaucoma.

We always have the patients in mind in our research projects that translates between bed side and bench. Our focuses are on prevention, diagnosis, treatment development and stratification and finally a better understanding of the disease pathology."