Drug Transporters research Group

Transporters are molecules that transport small molecules (di- and tripeptides, saccharides and neurotransmitters) over membranes. The organism contains a large number of transporters, which have been shown to be important for the function of human cells. Transporters are considered very important drug targets for the future. The antidepressive drug citalopram is an inhibitor of the serotonin transporter, and antibacterial such as penicillins are actively transported across membranes by peptide transporters.

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Project leader

Group Leader

Osman Mirza
Associate Professor

Phone +45 3533 6175

Project members

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Hussain, Samrina PhD Student   E-mail
Mirza, Osman Asghar Associate Professor +4535336175 E-mail
Sajid, Salvia PhD Student   E-mail