CPHSAXS, Facility for biological SAXS

cphsaxs facility overview

Overview of CPHSAXS

The Facility has focus on BioSAXS and is available for research as well as screening and optimization of experiments before commencement of experiments at large scale facilities. The facility is funded by the Novo Nordisk foundation.

Industrial users should contact the facility manager for further information.




Sample amount: The lowest amount possible is 5 µL in the flow cell. The concentration depends on the size of the sample but often a concentration range of 1-10 mg/mL is suitable.

Sample preparation: matching buffer is important. Best prepared by dialysis! Buffer should be available in sufficient quantity for dilution and buffer measurements, both before and after sample.

Sample stability: Is the sample monodisperse, how long is the sample stable at room temperature, does it need to be prepared on site, etc.

Temperature (instrument capability: 4-60°C)

q-range (Possible from 0.003-2.8Å-1)



Fill in the “Request beamtime” form. There is a fee for use currently covering a part of the running costs only cf. prices below.   

Please contact the facility manager for questions or general advise before submitting request form if needed.



Prices as of June 1st with current reduced prices in parantheses.







898 (383)




1796 (766)




2694 (1149)




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Steering Commitee

Name Title Image
Foderà, Vito Professor Billede af Foderà, Vito
Gajhede, Michael Professor Billede af Gajhede, Michael
Langkilde, Annette Eva Associate Professor Billede af Langkilde, Annette Eva
Malmsten, Martin Professor Billede af Malmsten, Martin

External member 

Søren Skou, Ph.D
Managing Director, Xenocs Nordic ApS
Dr Neergaardsvej 5D, 2970 Hoersholm, Denmark 
Phone: +45 31 25 02 96 

 CPHSAXS is founded by the Novo Nordisk foundation.

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