Bach Group

We apply fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) on disease-relevant protein-protein interactions in order to evaluate the druggability of selected targets and identify novel chemical probes and therapeutic principles






































































































If you are you interested in doing a master thesis project in the group, please send your CV, grades and motivations to for further discussions. We have projects both within chemistry and biological areas of drug discovery.

- Examples of Master Thesis Projects:

1. Fragment-based drug discovery on protein-protein interactions (pdf)

2. Mechanism of action studies of p47phox inhibitors (pdf)

Currently we have no open PhD and postdoc positions in our group, but we are always interested in hearing from talented and potential candidates. If you are interested in becoming part of our group please send your CV and motivations to



























Group leader

Group Leader

Anders Bach
Associate Professor

Phone +45 2128 8604

Group members

Chunyu Lin, PhD student

Dilip Narayanan, Postdoc

Frederik Wong Christensen, Master student

Jie Zang, Postdoc

Yuting Qin, PhD student