Protein-membrane interactions in health and disease in the Galvagnion Group

Our research aims at understanding how changes in protein-lipid interactions can lead to the loss of function and/or the gain of toxicity of proteins in the context of disease.

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Group leader

Group Leader

Céline Galvagnion
Associate Professor

Phone +45 3533 7828

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Cota Coronado, Jose Agustin Postdoc   E-mail
Galvagnion-Büll, Céline Associate Professor +4535337828 E-mail
Marlet, Frederik Ravnkilde PhD Fellow +4535334982 E-mail
Petersen, Daniel PhD Fellow +4535333363 E-mail
Sanz Muñoz, Sonia Postdoc +4535321119 E-mail
da Silva, Janet Nagayi Nandawula Laboratory Technician +4535337642 E-mail
Navn Titel E-mail
Gabriele Ivascenkaite Master Student E-mail
Jan Weicher MSc Student E-mail