Molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors in the Bräuner-Osborne group

The Bräuner-Osborne group focus on pharmacological and physiological characterization of G protein-coupled receptors bridging from development of novel pharmacological tool compounds by integration of pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and computer modeling to understand the physiological role and therapeutic prospects of the receptors.

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Group leader

Group Leader

Hans Bräuner-Osborne

Phone +45 3533 4469

Group/project members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Du, Wei PhD Student +4535325031 E-mail
Klein Herenbrink, Carmen Assistant Professor +4526364418 E-mail
Madjroh, Nawid Postdoc +4535325372 E-mail
Mathiesen, Jesper M. Associate Professor +4535334244 E-mail
Moo, Ee Von Postdoc   E-mail
Mortensen, Jonas Sigurd Postdoc +4535335369 E-mail
Rahman, Sabrina Nalini Postdoc +4535331860 E-mail
Rehfeld, Anders Aagaard Postdoc +4535333592 E-mail
Reiner-Link, David Postdoc +4535321328 E-mail
Villanueva, Erika Bianca Torres Postdoc +4535333563 E-mail
van Senten, Jeffrey Postdoc   E-mail


Name Title Email
Yufang Deng PhD Student
Boris Trapkov  Master student
Anne Mette Helmich Egholm  Master student