Brain mechanisms of GHB and GABAergic signalling in the Wellendorph Lab 

Our lab is devoted to understanding brain mechanisms involving the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) and its metabolite GHB (γ-hydroxybutyric acid). We use biochemical and pharmacological analyses in cells, tissues and whole organisms to elucidate the role of GHB and GABA targets in brain dysfunction. 


















  1. Identification of the ubiquitous neuronal signalling molecule CaMKIIα as the physiological target for GHB
  2. Identification and characterization of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors
  3. Drug discovery into and anti-ischemic effects of GABA transporter ligands

Linked articles:

  1. Leurs U, Klein AB, McSpadden ED, Griem-Krey N, Solbak SMØ, Houlton J, Villumsen IS, Vogensen SB, Hamborg, L, Gauger SJ, Palmelund LB, Larsen ASG, Shehata MA, Kelstrup CD, Olsen, JV, Bach A, Burnie RO, Kerr S, Gowing EK, Teurlings SMW, Chi CC, Gee CL, Frølund B, Kornum BR,  van Woerden GM, Clausen RP, Kuriyan J, Clarkson AN & Wellendorph P (2021). GHB confers neuroprotection through specific interaction with the CaMKIIα hub domain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 118 No 31 e2108079118. 

  2. Falk-Petersen CB, Rostrup F, Löffler R, Buchleihtner S, Harpsøe K, Gloriam D, Frølund B, Wellendorph P (2021). Molecular determinants underlying delta selective compound 2 activity at d-containing GABAA receptors. Mol. Pharmacol. 100, 46-56.

Free e-prints 

3. Dalby NO, Leurs U, Falk-Petersen C, Scholze P, Krall J, Frølund & Wellendorph P (2020). Silencing of spontaneous activity at α4β1/3δ GABAA receptors in hippocampal granule cells reveals different ligand pharmacology. Br. J. Pharmacol. 2020 Jun 2. 177: 3975-3990

4. Falk-Petersen CB, Tsonkov T, Nielsen M, Harpsøe K, Bundgaard C, Frølund B, Kristiansen U, Gloriam D & Wellendorph P (2020). Discovery of a new class of orthosteric antagonists with nanomolar potency at extrasynaptic GABAA receptors. Sci. Rep. 10:10078

5. Lie MEK, Gowing  EK, Johansen  NB, Dalby NO, Thiesen L, Wellendorph P & Clarkson A (2018). The GAT3 selective substrate L-isoserine upregulates GAT3 expression and increases functional recovery after a focal ischemic stroke in mice. J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab. 38: 166-173.






































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Group leader

Group Leader

Petrine Wellendorph

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