600 MHz Bruker Avance lll HD (NMR-600-a)

Bruker ultra-shielded standard-bore magnet equipped with a 5-mm cryogenically cooled 13C/1H DCH probe head for 1H and 13C NMR spectro­scopy, but experiments with a range of other probes are also possible. The instrument is equipped with an easy accessible Bruker SampleCase autosampler with 24 positions, which makes unattended around-the-clock operations possible. All operations are controlled by Bruker IconNMR, and users submit samples, select type of experiments, changes parameters if needed, and queue the samples for automated analysis. Data are automatically sent to the user by e-mail and uploaded to an internal file server.

This instrument was funded by The Danish Research Council for Independent Research | Nature and Universe, and publications based on experiments from this instrument should contain the following sentence in Acknowledgement: 'NMR equipment used in this work was purchased via grant  #10-085264 from The Danish Research Council for Independent Research | Nature and Universe'.

Please, send a mail to Dan Stærk when you are about to acknowledge the use of this instrument.
























































equipment 600 mhz shielded magnet

Image: 600 MHz shielded magnet, with autosampler and 5 mm DCH cryoprobe.